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Brown Dog Tick
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Acupuncture for Lyme Disease

Today was my second session of acupuncture.  If someone would have told me even two years ago that I'd think acupuncture was wonderful I would have laughed at them.  Needles in my body had never equated to something good until last week.  In fact, besides sauna, acupuncture is my favorite course of treatment.  I do believe gemmo's (plant stem cell treatment) are working to decrease my toxic load and relieve my liver and kidneys.  As for supplements, wobenzyme  N and Udo's oil 3-6-9 are giving me the most relief with inflammation and cognitive function.

Last week, my acupuncturist said she just did a "nourishing" session, but the problem with that was that my toxin load was too much.  Thankfully, I know what it feels like to be weighed down with toxins and how to get rid of them, so I did an enema, rebounded, and went to sauna, juiced, and ate very little, took a lot of chlorella, and ALA to chelate.  Fluish symptoms lasted all day and into the next morning, but after mid morning the next day the flu like symptoms vanished.  The best news is that for the next four days I felt SO good and of course did a bit too much (I tend to do that because I am so excited to feel "alive").  Monday wasn't so great because it felt like I had a Urinary tract infection, but with lyme it is hard to know how "real" these symptoms are.  I went ahead and drank 6 oz. unsweetened cranberry juice three times a day, took 2 drops of oregano, 2 drops of OnGuard doTerra essential oil, and 2 drops cinnamon doTerra essential oil, and externally put a few drops of Zendocrine doTerra essential oil on my stomach between my belly button and pubic bone a few times.  I also added heat to that same area and had a lymphatic massage done.  By Tuesday morning the pain had subsided, but I am going to maintain the above treatment for the next five days just to be certain.

With this information my acupuncturist decided to do a "nourishing and detox" treatment today and I have been at about 70% since the session.  She has such a "healer's heart" and is such a "pure" person.  I really like being around her.  She is so positive, yet grounded and balanced.  She is quite a good teacher as well.  She  took several minutes with my hubby to teach him how to apply hot rocks and moxa to pressure points on my body throughout the week until we visit her again.  She was able to look at my tongue and tell me everything I was currently struggling with.  I found that pretty impressive.  Apparently I have  a "deficient" tongue and my pulse is "deep" and weak, but she can find it and that is a good sign and means there is hope...well...that is good!  Sorry, that one made me laugh.  The best part is that she initiated her need to work with my doc. to help me heal.  That made me so happy.

So, I am now a believer in the benefits of acupuncture.


February 12, 2012

I have had a total of four sessions and each time I feel better.  In fact, I prefer this to massage.

February 21, 2012

Had a session yesterday and she treated me for a sluggish digestive issue.  This morning the sluggishness is now gone.  I feel GREAT.  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE accupuncture?!

June 3, 2012

I go to accupuncture weekly.  I never get more than 12 needles, in fact, I usually only receive 9.  She does suction my back which I find relieves so much of the tension in my back.  Often she will place VERY hot rocks all over my back and this is heaven on earth to me.  I respond BEST to heat and a lot of it.  She has to wear a tank top when working with me because she heats me up with the far infrared lamps and the rocks and she says it feels like a sauna in there and I am just loving it.  She also gives me these anti-anxiety balls in my ears.  If I go weekly I fair much better than if I go every other week or even once a month.  She says I am still so ill and that moving anything too fast too soon is not going to be pretty. She reminds me that I am still only on battery power and since the infection has been in my body for so many years it is going to take awhile to restore ALL the systems infilitrated by these evil bacterium.  She has got to be the kindest healer I have found thus far.  She does every other session on her dime and time.   Her main goal is to see me heal.  This truly is her motivation and I can really sense that while I am there and it is emotionally nourishing to my soul.

 I usually have a very slow day the day after, but can bounce back better if I go every week.  However, I had a neurological and circulatory crash this past week, so I have been doing terribly all week.  I do believe that going to the accupuncturist and the chiropractor in the same week may not be a good idea.  It could be too much stimulation.  I am not sure if I am having clotting issues or even suffered a minor stroke or something that mimicked one, but is scary.

I still prefer this to massage any day of the week.

August 22, 2012

Accupuncture is still amazing and awesome.  My accupuncturist is the best person, such a healer, so much compassion, sincerity, and integrity!!  My insurance is no longer covering treatments...the one thing that gives me the most relief.  Now, I have to pay full price and I will because it works.  I won't be able to go as much for the next four months, but something is better than nothing.

She says my system is still so sluggish.  That is mostly my fault, I have become kind of lazy in doing the list of things I am suppose to be doing to eliminate:  castor oil, far infrared sauna, deep breathing, epsom salt baths, dry skin brushing..ugh.  Hard to maintain sometimes.  But, I better get back in the saddle again if I want to get better.

I am now having pineal gland cyst treatments.  My first one was last week and it was a tough thing to go from feeling amazing for so long to feeling like I was near death's door.  Thankfully though, it only took me a couple of days of yuck and then I was back at life again!  WHEW!  Just in time for this Friday's treatment!  HA!

February 25, 2013

I discovered at my last appointment that my beloved accupuncturist is moving 3 hours away from me.  I know so many of you travel 8-12 or more hours to go to your doc. appt.'s, so I hate being a whiner, but she was only 20 minutes away and is truly a "healer".  Her compassion, knowledge, love, and faith that I will get better and that she will do whatever to help me get better has been so healing for me.  She is trying to find someplace where she feels comfortable sending me.  Bless her heart.  I will miss her so very much.

As for treatments I am up to max. 15 needles.  This is a huge improvement for me.  My last treatment was because my insomnia tried to come back.  After the treatment I came home and had the best nap ever- 3hours long to boot.  The insomnia isn't as bad, still struggling some nights, but I just lay there and pray with my eyes closed.  I refuse to get up and stimulate. The TMJ isn't as bad and the ear ringing is in the background, but not nearly what it once was.

We have no idea if it is really helping, but I believe it is and so if anything accupuncture has had a placebo effect on me.  She isn't convinced that her treatments are going to cure me of anything, but she does believe they are helping relieve blockages and helping to nourish my body.  All I know is that it beats antibiotics, so I keep going.

The treatments are no longer making me crash because we have fine tuned and found my place of no return.  It took almost a year to figure it out, but we did it.  If the normal points don't hurt anymore when she touches them initially she can try another one, but no more than 3-4 new points a visit.  This seems to keep everything balanced perfectly. I go home.   I am tired.  I rest.  I wake up.  I am better.  No crashing.  Whew!

I also have hot rock treatments and cupping which makes me feel like all that poison is being suctioned out of my body which I love.  During some treatments I don't even look like an octopus got a hold of my back, but on some it looks like about a dozen of them got a hold of me.  I am all black and blue (toxins).  The human body just amazes me. It seems that my body likes to hold on and not let go.  It likes to hold pain (emotional and physical), and toxins of all varieties.  Presently I am in a holding pattern and we are trying to figure out the next step in helping my body eliminate and move forward.


  1. Hello! I don't even know where to begin to comment except I have been thru much of all I am reading... NEED healing, been dealing with all of the above for 20 years. Long story short, 2 Dr's think I have Lyme, one test positive, one test negative, don't know which tests now. Dealing with multiple auto-immune, adrenal, CFS, Fibro, Hashi, etc... Viral Encephalitis and thyroid storm when I was 18 and encephalitis again at 20... seizures, coma, brain issues.
    After all these years a few days ago my dad says... "oh yeah, they (the Drs) thought all those years ago you had lyme"!!! Oh boy. Feeling severe everything past 2 months, escalating last 6 months. This comes and goes every year or two.
    I am reading your posts non-stop and totally appreciate ALL you are posting!!! I'm trying to put it all together. I see my functional med DR in May. Might not be soon enough. Thanks again for all your research and what you are doing. I've done many of these things over the years but nothing sticks,... like you said in one post to do things different after awhile. I do the same, with everything, rotate foods, supplements, treatments, etc.
    Praying for you and me :-)

  2. Sherry, My heart goes out to you. It is just awful to have all those things happening inside of you. I will add you to my prayers and I am thankful that you are praying for me as well. I pray you will be given wisdom and guidance and the provision to make it so.