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Sunday, January 15, 2012

doTERRA Essential Oils Support Wellness

It has been one week since I began to use essential oils to promote optimal wellness.  I have been using 3 drops of Oregano, 3 drops of OnGuard, and 3 drops of Cinnamon Bark oil 3 x a day in a capsule.  I have had some very good days with absolutely no herxing.  In fact, my fatigue is lessening, my stamina increasing, and my overall sense of well being is at about 70-80%.  I am pretty excited about these oils.

We just found out that one of our daughters also has Lyme Disease and ordered her the entire set of oils I am using the other day and will begin with the cleanse and go from there.  I will record the results to this process here.

February 1, 2012

I had two fabulous weeks!  Fabulous!  Then, last Tuesday, all fabulous dissipated into freakin' awful.  It has been a week and a day and my left shoulder area is inflammed and is making it difficult for me to turn my head, my right upper arm has some kind of muscle stitch in it that is causing numbing, itching, and stinging pain,I have a headache that hasn't gone away, insomnia has found out where I lived again, and each and everyday is like drudging through wet cement.  The fatigue is overwhelming.  My accupuncturist told me I have to rest and stop wasting my energy on "doing" things because that energy is meant to heal my body and I am just throwing it away, so I have spent all week "resting".  My doc. tells me this past Monday that she DOESN'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH ME!  She is going to do some MORE research and get back to me about what we should do.  I don't know if I am herxing and not detoxing enough and that is why I feel so yuck like, or if it just means NOTHING is working and those critters have full reign.  This is so maddening and frustrating-the constant good days and bad days with no discernable rhyme or reason.

The probiotics from doTERRA work pretty good, but not enough in a bottle for my needs and too expensive...I will stick with RAW Probiotics for Women from Garden of Life and keep up with water keifer.  The oils and other vitamins seem to be helping our daughter feel better.  She doesn't seem so sad anymore, so that is good.

I think we can get the same if not better vitamins and oils (ie:  UDO' s or fermented cod liver oil) at Super Supplements for cheap and more tablets/capsules, and in this disease quantity and cost are of great concern.  However, the oils I am going to stick with.  They are boosting our immune systems and in my one daughter with respiratory and skin issues it is not only clearing those up, but has removed the plaque build up off of her teeth.  The cinnamon bark was gone in no time, so not as affordable as the CASSIA, so we will stick with that and change out with thyme and clove every so many weeks.

So, that is my news.  So far it has been like every other for awhile and then seems to collapse.  I will keep up with the oils though.

What I am doing:
Drink at least 1/2 body weight in water, more if you can
NO white flour or sugar

3X/day in a capsule for 3 weeks:
oregano 3 drops
cassia 3 drops
OnGuard 3 drops

3x/day in capsules for 3 weeks:
oregano 3 drops
cinnamon 3 drops
OnGuard 3 drops

Add Melissa, Frankincense, Thyme, Clove, and Patchouli if you are able....this makes a HUGE difference.  The Thyme and Clove block communication between critters to stop replicating.  Frankincense supports healthy brain function and helps balance neurological stress.  I put 2-3 drops under my tongue 2-3 times a day.  I just got Melissa and put 2-3 drops under my tongue 2-3 times a day as well-this helps with any viral issues and a myriad of other issues as well, including supporting a healthy mood and restful sleep.  I still don't have patchouli yet, but I want that as well for healthy brain function.

(I can not emphasize enough.....detox.  All the time:  milk thistle, black currant and birch, clay, zeolite, chlorella, castor oil packs, zendocrine, digestzen, dry skin brushing, deep breathing, exercise (stretch at least), sauna, epsom salt bath.  All of this matters!!  If you don't do these things you will certainly come to a crisis of some sort because these oils are going to kill a bunch of stuff FAST!  It might be best at first to go 2 weeks on and 2 weeks of serious detox until you can find a balance that works for you.  Everyone reacts differently.  If you are consistent with detox and killing  bugs it will go better.)

Then rotate back until symptoms are relieved for 2 weeks then down to 2x/day for 2 weeks then 1x/day for a week

I also use the following products:

Lifelong Vitality Pak
Zendocrine capsules (detoxification)
GX Assist
PB Assist
and to try to keep white flour and sugar out of your diet  to learn more about the benefits of using essential oils, especially visit the education link

If you would like to order this protocol please order here:

March 13, 2012

I am on a total of 3 weeks of crashing.  Crashing means that getting off the couch and out of bed takes an act of God, each step I take is like walking through wet cement, fatigue so heavy it feels like a weight, dizziness, migraines, brain fog, kidney pain, back pain, and irritiability...and whatever other symptom wants to show up for the party.

I haven't given up hope on these oils because I honestly think they are the reason I am in this "healing crisis" (Herxheimer reaction).  I made the mistake of adding frankincense to the mix and after about a week of taking 4 drops total under my tonuge I ended up here.  I think these oils are killing things too fast and my body can't process it, but honestly, I really have no idea, it is pure speculation.  A flare up, die off, organ all manifests the same way, so it is hard to really know what is exactly going on.

Now I only take 3 drops of Oregano, 3 drops of Clove, and 3 drops of OnGuard 1-2 a day because I don't want to herx. worse.  These oils are supporting healthy body system function.


August 26, 2012

I have been taking this new approach for over three weeks straight...3 drops of each 3 times a day which includes:  thyme, clove, frankincense, and Melissa and making sure to detox at the same time.  I feel amazing.  My summer has been outstanding.  I have played with my kids, traveled for 10 days on the road averaging 8 hours a day without any ill effects!  I almost feel normal.  The only issues I am having are a bit of anxiety, sore hands and forearms, sore hips, and a bit of a sore low back...not too bad comparatively!  I'll take it!

doTERRA oils are wonderful to help support optimal wellness.


September 23, 2012

I still feel FANTASTIC!!!  Not perfect, but I have energy and my pain is at a tolerable and functional level.  I am being very faithful to take my oils and I am inhaling many oils as well.  My focus is less is more and keeping a positive confession full of faith, hope, and love.  There have been numerous external conditions and circumstances that would have normally tanked me into a deep abyss, but it has not happened.  Praise God!

It seems that when I decided to live this past July, I began to live.  I chose to believe that God could heal me from this disease even if everyone else thinks I have had it too long...what is this to my Almighty Father?  NOTHING.  I chose to live.  This choice alone lifted a heavy cloud and swept it far away from me.  I have had hard days, just a few, but they have existed and they are tough. 

Movement is important.  Once movement is diminished, so is my level of well being.  Standing more than sitting is also important.  Scheduling fun is essential. 

Yesterday I was deeply convicted to the core because I believe the Lord impressed upon me the importance of my behavior in the midst of great confusion, inner turmoil, and agonizing pain.  In the past, I have just not cared to take every thought captive, or make my tongue submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ during these moments...I have just "lost it".  It is hard enough to function at all let alone to do what I know I should be doing, being, living.  Well, last night He and I had a heart to heart about this and He revealed to me that He is with me even in those moments and He has never asked me to go this alone and He will be with me and carry me through those tribulations of thought and tongue.  Well, I of course, had to repent of much regret all because I was in too much pain to care...not really worth it truly.  I feel better today, full of hope and faith that HE will bring a way of escape when those trials come again....because they will.

He tries to help me all the time.  He will often give me specific words to speak or behaviors to employ, or tactics to use, but I often think in those moments He has prepared me for that He just didn't know it was going to go down like THAT!  HA!  I think He did and THAT is why He told me what He did.  I am deeply convicted by this as well.  This is the season of repentance right before Yom Kippur and I have spent much time before my King repenting of the actions of soul that have been fleshy and sinful...there have been many, unfortunately. Thanks be to God because He does not torment me, but forgives me and gives me clean hands and a clean heart and hope for a new year of life where I can be transformed more in His image daily. He daily loads me with His benefits and teaches me the way I should go.  How grateful I am and how my heart sings!

We are "homeless" right now due to a toxic fire that has devestated our small town and left the air lifeless and absolutely life threatening to all who breathe it.  Eucyalyptus, peppermint, Rosemary, and Breathe have been fantastic to diffuse, inhale, and topically or internally apply.  There will be many who will be dreadfully ill in the months and years to come who chose to remain where there was no oxygen to breathe- all because they couldn't let go of "life as usual", or money, or whatever.  I am not judging them....I just realized that as a believer I must be willing to "GO" when told to "GO" regardless of the ties that might bind:  home, school, work, church, etc....

I know much of this doesn't seem to have anything to do with how the oils are helping me, but honestly, it has EVERYTHING to do with the oils.  You see, these oils have CHANGED my life.  And God said, "Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which upon the face of all the earth.:  Genesis 1:29  These oils are the VERY gift of God given to us all to aid in our healing.  My mind has cleared, my pain has diminshed, my energy/stamina have returned, and my symptoms are clearing or going into remission for the most part.  Great food, quality oils, exercise, accupuncture, chiropractic,  and most important...a daily communal with my Creator have enabled me to live and breathe and have a life not stuck in bed or in a fog on the couch.  I am actually participating in my own life! 


  1. Myself and my two daughters have Lyme Disease. We have seen a doctor on and off that is in the San Francisco area. We live in Reno, NV. I still owe him money from out last visit in January 2011. I have my youngest daughter on the DoTerra Lifelong Vitality Pak, Terrazyme, PB Assist and have the Grapefruit oil that she uses to rub on her stomach when it is really bad. She started the products right before Christmas and it is has made a difference in her stomach issues as well as her all around mental state. It is the only thing she is on right now for her Lyme. I would like to try the Lyme protocol for myseld and my two daughters, but I am unable to do so at this time financially. Throughtout my treatment I had my ups and downs. I always hoped that my downs were a good thing at that whatever I was on was working and killing off all the bad stuff. Do you have a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor that you see? If you want information on my LLMD in can send it to you via e-mail. I wish you and your family good luck in fighting this disease. It took me 6 years to get a correct diagnosis and my girls even longer. I have been fighting this disease for to long and hope to hear good news back from you regarding your treatment with essential oil. Kind regards, Maria

  2. Hi Maria,

    Thanks for your reply. I am thrilled to hear that the oils and products are helping your daughter! It is so awful to have our children suffer.

    We are finding that the Oregano, OnGuard, and Cassia capsules to be the most effective along with the zendocrine oil-lasts longer, and the Terrazyme, the PB don't last long, so we buy RAW Garden of Life probiotics and drink water keifer. Do you use coconut oil and eat a mostly Paleo diet? What about water keifer and other fermented foods, and perpetural bone broths? Do you walk/reboudn/stretch, dry skin brush, drink lemon water? Those are some other real practical things that can help that can just be in the food budget. We also found this great herb company: San Francisco Herb and Natural Food Co. and buy veggie capsules and make our own to support our kidney,liver, pancreas, thyroid, and adrenals. It has cut our costs significantly. Wobenzym N -the Michael's brand are also amazing for inflammation and UDO's oil or fermened cod liver oil work wonders along with Chlorella-we buy the powder from NOW and put it in capsules. My doc. has me taking UNDA's which are homeopathic for parasites and kidney and liver function-not too sure what they are doing-not seeing the difference anymore. I was on plant stem cells and that was aggressive treatment that was taking too much of a toll on me, but the oils just aren't like that. I had a "set back" with the oils. I actually don't know if I crashed for two weeks due to herxing which was a result of me not helping my body eliminate the toxins or what, but I am on the mend again and have had five outstanding days...I attribute that to the oils and my diet.

    We have one daughter who is presenting symptoms and three others that most likely have it but aren't symptomatic. I have had to be persistent to get the doc. to look at CD 57 levels and NOT whether or not they have the antibodies for is exhausting. It is a daily battle that is for sure. I have had a lyme literate doctor and now have a homeopathic/naturopathic doc., but honestly, I am my own doctor. Thanks for offering to set me up with yours, but at this juncture I am a bit burned out on doctors. My hubby and I do a lot of researching and networking with others with Lyme and try many things. I take what I learn and implement and monitor. I added the Essential Oil Slim and Sassy-I add 12 drops to 32 oz. of water and sip on it all day. I am very excited about the oils-they seem to provide the greatest benefit. Our daughter is responding well with the doTERRA products. She did herx last night with a very severe headache, but some peppermint oil cured that thankfully. This disease is terrible, but I have met the most amazing people and changed so many of our health habits and been able to help others I keep believing that eventually the evil critters will give up due to our constant attacks. Finacially this disease can be the pits-we have found that the doctors only make matters worse. The essential oils and a clean diet have given us the most hope at beating this thing so far. I pray that we are all vindicated and healed of this plague!!! With hope...Nikkoly

  3. Hi there. I found your site after googling lyme and doterra. I'm a doterra consultant in West Virginia and have been treating my lyme for almost 2 years with several abx, as well as supplements, diet, herbals, cowden, etc. I've been in a state of functional herxing almost since starting. I'm over it. I'm ready to jump in to the oil protocol, but I always have to begin meds slowly due to bad herxes (dizziness, etc.) I'm thinking the oils won't do that to me, but I can't be sure. I've been on LLV for a little over a week and off all meds but Banderol this week. I'm thinking I'm going to start a drop each to see how it goes. I'm also positive for Babesia duncani, and symptomatic for Bartonella, so it'll be interesting to see how 'they' react (hopefully, they won't...they'll just DIE). I'm having more lung-type symptoms lately, and it's worrisome. My husband and son are also being treated, as well my niece (who has SEVERE neurological Lyme). It's devastated my sister's family financially, so we're all pulling to keep them afloat, as well as ourselves. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the honest post, and I'm glad to see you're having success with the oils!

  4. Hi L-Gal! Thanks for your post. The oils for sure are my immune system and I think they are killing things so fast that my body can't keep up with it, so I have had to back way down and not follow Dr. Hill's protocol exactly. I have pretty bad neuro. lyme and I think they do cross the blood brain barrier because I am sure having some serious herxheimer reactions (especially when I added frankincense). So, slow but steady is good. There is a gal my neighbor knows that is using the protocol exactly with the best results out of anything she has ever you just never know. This is such a devestating heart goes out to us all! How desperately I long for these oils to work!

  5. hello, these protocols are all great. Iv done major research myself having lyme for 11 years. though iv only found out 1 year ago!!! YIKES... as you know it takes years to be properly diagnosed. i have been on HCL, Cowdens, and TONS of probiotics. couldnt get far until i did the well known gallbladder flush and DAILY coffee enemas. Then i was reacting so bad couldnt handle the die off, couldnt eat must have been working. so i had to open up all the detox passage ways. when you have LYME you MUST SWEAT. So i built myself a near-infrared sauna for $60 using light bulbs: instructions at ** wow am i feeling like a million bucks these last few months i have felt brand new. Like my old happy self that i thought was lost! And then crash its working also too fast but unlike the last 3 years i am NOT stuck in bed daily. i hope this helps. i also filter my water with *berkey filters. since $$$ is an issue you can structure water ** for free in the sun in a glass jar (mininum 2 hours) or buy crystals at ** they have a structured water kit very cheap. which i personally use because you get the added benefits of silica. which LYME HATES.

  6. The oils for sure are my immune system. These protocols are excellent. These are useful information sharing.

    Lyme disease

  7. Hello, again! Just checking in to see how you're doing these days. I attended the East Coast Doterra conference, and Dr. Hill gave an awesome lecture on detoxing. My niece (severe neuro lyme) has a terrible time detoxing and so, is always ill. Her LLMD has told her, "No oils right now. They're too powerful," and has put her on a healing protocol to support her detox systems (liver, kidney, skin). Dr. Hill's lecture supported what this doctor is doing, and I've added the LLV and citrus oils and slim & sassy (metabolic stabilizer, not just weight loss) to my protocol to help support my detox organs. I'm working on compiling the notes from his lecture, so I'd love to share them with you. They made total sense as to how to proceed when the oils are causing great herxing. Every time I hear more about the oils I feel more validation that they are the way to treat chronic Lyme. From oxidation of the cells, to supporting the methylation cycle, to the way they can kill viruses, bacteria & parasites, to the way they bust up biofilms...they are truly broad-spectrum treatment. Take good care!

    1. I would love to see any notes you have about oils and the methylation cycle. I've been reading a lot about a genetic syndrome I think I probably have (Gilbert's Syndrome). Mainstream medical literature says it's "benign," but I think that's not true. It causes lowered production of an enzyme involved in the methylation cycle of certain things, and I'm wondering if essential oils could help, thus improving secondary issues. I'm not finding much, though.

    2. Hi L-Gal! I am doing so fabulous I can hardly believe it every single day! My head is cleared, the pain is gone, and I live a very full and wonderful life with a business to boot! I also found that early on the oils were very powerful. I use them in combination with Results RNA Silver, Glutathione, and Zeolite and have found them to be a power team. I would always just pull back on oils until the herx. left and then gently add on oils. I always support all systems as I learned early on that all detox is stressful on the body. I really like zendocrine capsules and oil which really help support the liver during detox. Balance is another great oil as it diminishes stress in the body and increases circulation and oxygenation in the bloodstream. All citrus oils are amazing-they also produce glutathione naturally. What these oils can't do, I am not sure. :) I use a bunch every single day and KNOW that is why I am feeling so alive now!

    3. Rachel R. I think essential oils could certainly help. DigestZen which helps the body to produce its own enzymes and encourages the methylation cycle. Look into:, or and see if you get anywhere with those sites. I think taking citrus oils daily (10-20) drops helps with heavy metal toxicity which is a huge issues for all body systems and their ability to function properly. These oils truly work! has a book called "Modern Essentials" which is a guide to using essential oils for symptom relief. It gives the science behind each oil and the chemical constituents that make them work. doTERRA has a lot of info. Look things up on You Tube as well. There is a good chance someone may have posted something up already about what you are facing. Take care!

  8. For the citrus oils do you mean lemon, lime, zendocrine, citrus bliss, wild orange? I couldn't find your comment eariler, but please email me at I'd love to learn what you discovered. I am taking a break from the lyme protocol for a week or so because my nervous system is on fire and I am experiencing a lot of confusion and depersonalization. I thought I'd do the LLV, zendocrine oil and capsules, and slim and sassy and chlorella to detox. I already put lemon oil or lime oil in my water everyday. I can't take the shakes because of the whey.

  9. You have no idea how you've made my day. You've brought me hope! I, too, have Lyme disease. As you know, it's terrible! It's stolen my life and a full functioning and energetic mother from my children and wife to my husband.

    I'm so excited to try this protocol - I came across Dr. Hill's video today. But needed to hear more - your story has given me an extra dose of hope and I SO appreciate it. Thank you!


  10. I am excited for you! It really does work. I am not taking doTERRA DDR and Results RNA cellular silver, glutithione, and zeolite and focusing on rebuilding all the damaged systems of my body and getting great results. DHEA has really been helpful as well. There is hope! WE can recover from this illness!!!

  11. Hi!
    Thank you for your blog. I have Lyme and have been treating it w/ herbs and tons of detoxing and an anti inflmmatory diet and tons of supplements. What do you suggest specifically for pain. I function well at this point, but would like to be pain free.
    Thank you and God Bless!
    Also how do you suggest using the oils...ingesting, feet, inhaling, all of the above?

  12. For me using Udo's 3-6-9 (2 tbsp. 3x a day) for 2 months got rid of all my chronic pain. I would take 2 tbsp. of oil with the juice of half a lemon and it tastes like really good salad dressing. After that I maintained with Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil which I believe is absolutely worth every single penny. I eat coconut oil every chance I get. I often put a large tbsp in a 12 oz cp of dandelion root tea.

    I used Deep Blue. I would rub it over the painful areas and once that was rubbed in I would rub in two more layers. I also use Frankincense (which is anti-inflammatory) at least 2x/day. I put two drops under my tongue and inhale it. I often would take baths with peppermint oil. I would get cold, but it would relieve the pain. I found that if I did that after a sauna it felt better. A Far Infrared sauna has worked wonders for getting rid of pain. I don't know what my family did without it! MSM also is quite helpful. I always took more than suggested and continued doing that until I got the runs and then I would back way off.

    My essential oil routine is intense. I use oils ALL day. I drink them, I inhale them, I rub them on my forehead, behind my ears, over my thyroid, over my liver, pancreas, stomach, intestines, I put them in my baths, I take a capsule full of the oils suggested for Lyme Protocol, I use Balance on the bottom of my feet after my showers or bath, I put peppermint in my shampoo, I put lavendar and cypress on the bottoms of my feet and all over my head before bed. I think I bleed these oils. I also make homemade salves and lotions using these oils. I cook and clean with these oils. All I know is that I am pain free for the first time in over 20 plus years and that absolutely amazes me!

    I no longer have that awful inflammation cycle that takes months to recover from. I can exercise now and experience a functioning inflammation cycle.

    I don't take many supplements anymore. I try to get everything from food and take a lot of enzymes and cell salts to help me absorb the nutrients better. I take billions of probiotics as well as Digestzen essential oil. Digestion is my major malfunction right now. The only supplements I take anymore are DoTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack and extra iodine for my thyroid and chelated iron. I am currently using Gabba and 5htp as well. One thing I have found quite helpful is rotating what I use every three months. I have adopted the adage...if it is good enough to help it is probably good enough to harm as well. I do feel significantly better as a result of doing this. I even rotate essential oil useage.

    I hope you find this helpful and not totally overwhelming. Just start with one thing which if you can I would suggest a Far Infrared Sauna.

    God bless you and heal you continually as He guides, leads, and instructs you in a good way that will restore every fiber of your being!

  13. After years of wondering what was the source of my son's health problems I had a mind blowing memory--he was bit by a tic when he was around 8 yrs old. He is now 19 and has suffered fatigue, painful joints, digestive distinction, food intolerances, constipation, cystic acne, speech challenges...

  14. I just want to say thank you! Your blog and story bring me hope in this dark Lyme tunnel I am in. I haven't done the oils yet but I have ordered them. They may or may not help me but what I am on isn't helping so it's worth a shot. From reading your blog it seems it took 3-4 months for you to get better, is that correct? How are you doing today.

    Thank you !

  15. I am so happy my story can now bring hope! It makes the hell I have been through have a larger purpose. I have never believed that everything I have and continue to learn is for my benefit alone. It did take about 4 months to really see light. I am doing fantastically! I have endless energy and live a very active and fulfilling life. What I love the most is that my head is clear and I feel the most balanced I have ever felt. I am no longer so agitated and irritable and I see the glass half full and not punctured and draining. I do have massive system damage that is healing (I did have Lyme for 38 years), but slow and steady wins the race. I have never felt so great in my entire life. I use many oils daily and believe they have truly been a gift from God, an answer to all my guttural cries!

  16. That is truly amazing and I hope to say the same thing one day! Did you use a carrier oil when you put the oils in capsules or just by themselves? What is the difference between using them under your tongue versus capsules? And how may drops of each? Thanks again!!

  17. I would like to ask you now that you are healed and have experience w/the oils, What is the best oil protocol for starting out? Less is more? Do you use a carrier oil or just the oils by themselves? Should I do LLV and DDR prime? Thank you!!!

  18. Hi! I just used the oils without a carrier, but made sure I had something on my stomach first. The oregano can burn. If you put oils under your tongue they absorb sublingually and bypass digestion. It is a way more effective way to get the oils in your bloodstream. I took 3 drops of each if I could handle it, sometimes I had to vary doses. I work really hard at doing what my body needs. I worked hard to NOT herx. I feel like once I stopped herxing all the time my body was able to heal. one point I was taking over 88 pills plus all the clinic therapies, plus all the food rules, and going to one appointment after another. The oil protocol was so much less and did so much MORE. :) If you need a carrier, go ahead and use one. You will know. IF your tummy burns you need a carrier. I personally use a greens product called Manna from Heaven "The One" which has done amazing things for my healing after I got rid of the lyme. I think LLV is okay and many people really like it. Personally I think the Alpha CRS is the product that is awesome in that three pack. The DDR Prime is good, but I didn't use that until I had finished the Lyme protocol itself. I am not too sure you can go wrong. The oils just simply work. I can' t wait to hear how this works for you both!

  19. Oh thank you! I am going slow and steady. Which oils do you like to do under your tongue and which do you do in capsules? I am fairly new to oils so still figuring it all out. If an oil says "dietary use" on bottle does that mean you can take it in capsule or under tongue?

    Is there a reference or guideline book on how oils can be taken and dosages?

    Thank you!

  20. Wow...I have really dropped the ball and getting back to comments. I am really not very techy and somehow missed that people had been commenting. I am so very sorry. Modern Essentials is the book for you or I sure hope you found help before my very tardy reply?!