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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Zyto Scan Technology, Results RNA products and Sickness

This past week our family made a trip to see the doctor who uses the Zyto Scan technology.  My husband and younger daughters were scanned.  The awesome news is that my husband is Lyme and infection free and is actually quite healthy.  He is tired, stressed, and needs B vitamins, but being a fire fighter in Seattle explains all of that.  He has worked so very hard these past two years to get me healthy and in the meantime we believe God has healed him.  We are just so thankful and it is crucial to keep a state of thankfullness while healing from disease.

Our 11 year old has been very ill since a vaccination she received when she was about 4.  Of course, we don't know exactly which vaccination because they were giving them so many at once.  We were told for years that by the time she was 8 she'd recover from her digestive issues.  I don't know why I beleived these people...probably because I had been brainwashed enough to believe them.  Once she was 8 I showed up and said, "Now what?"  There were no real solutions.  We went from doctor to doctor.  A lot of prednisone, antibiotics, inhalers, and many other prescriptions.  Nothing worked for long.

 When I was diagnosed with Lyme and other diseases I woke up fast and hard.  It was like scales fell off my eyes and I could "see" for the first time.  As I educated myself I realized that a lot of things are just smoke in mirrors.  One major thing I realized is that we don't have health care in this country we have sick care.  There is no money to be made if one is healthy.  While fighting my own disease I have changed up our diets and worked hard on training the girls about lifestyle choices:  food, medicine, household cleaners, body care products, clean air, clean water, etc..  We even had all of our daughters tested for Lyme, but only one daughter tested positive.  The doctor who uses zyto scan testing said he wouldn't trust those blood tests for anything...too many false negatives and positives among other issues with them.  I do agree.

 So, our 11 year old gets tested and she is one very sick little girl:  liver flukes, worms galore, massive mold and fungus issues, including candida, borrelia (Lyme), babesia (type of Malaria), full of heavy metals, chemicals, and pesticides.  She is sick.  Her diet is going to be heavily restricted, but I am thankful that we have discovered the Results RNA products:  silver, glutithione, and zeolite.  I know these work.  The doctor thinks most of these things will be gone in two months.  I am so very thankful that God has led us down this path to this godly man who is full of wisdom and understanding.  I am thankful that I have learned so much and can create a viable schedule and protocol for each of my sick girls that I know will help them.  I am thankful that we caught this liver fluke now so it won't turn into cancer.  I trust that all things are possible with Him for those who believe that He is who He says He is and is a rewarder of those who diligently seek HIM.

Our 9 year old is VERY sick.  She has a full blown Lyme infection, cancer, and many, many other dangerous diseases and infections.  This explains her rage, frustration in expressing herself, her insomnia, her pain, her memory loss, her brain fog, her learning issues.  It truly explains everything.  It makes my heart sink to the floor.

It is quite horrible to know that you are the one who has made your entire family ill.  It is just awful.  However, I didn't know why I was sick or that I could give my illness to others.  Had I known that I would have lived unmarried and without children of my own.  That is not the case though.  I have a wonderful husband who has not abandoned me, but has laid down his life for me, and very wonderful daughters.  It is my job to pray and do everything I can to see them find wholeness.  I know that God works everything for good to those who are HIS and are called according to HIS purposes.  I have hope, peace, joy, and love.  What else is there worth having?

Today I have to make schedules:  medicine, food, sauna, exercise, bathing, breathing exercises, this, that, and everything.  I am a bit overwhelmed, but I know that nothing is impossible with God and He can help us figure that out.  We all have different food allergies, so I have to make a chart that lists who is allergic to what so we don't feed the wrong person the wrong stuff.  However, with the results RNA products two months of being consistent can change a lot of things around, including food allergies.  I just have to remain thankful that we know how to help them and there is no more guess work involved in how to help them.

Our older two are going to be scanned next month.  I am curious to see how our 15 year old is doing since she has been taking the Results RNA products since last November. 

As for my health, my pancreas is a real issue.  It just doesn't want to work very much.  Enzymes are my digestive life saver.  My liver is improving and my kidneys no longer cause me such pain or difficulty which is a sweet relief.  My thyroid is still having issues, and I have been having memory issues again, so I am trying to get back at treating that better.  I still haven't gone in for another MRI, but that is because my insurance has decided to not pay for anything.  Some bogus diagnostic code the insurance company must have invented is keeping me from getting anything covered.  It is really frustrating to have such "great" insurance that we pay for monthly to not benefit you in any way.  God has provided for all our needs according to HIS riches in glory.  Our monthly output of funds for foods and medicines and medical treatments is enough to give one a heart attack, but somehow, we have what we need when we need it.  It is quite miraculous.  We decided a long time ago to trust in HIS provision.  He has been faithful.  A real faith builder I tell ya.

Anyway, all of this, to say, if you can locate a zyto scan doctor and save up a 120 bucks to get it done.  Do it.  It will be less expensive than a bunch of blood work and more accurate and pin point every single main stressor in your body.  It is an invaluable resource.  Even better would be if you can find a doctor who loves God and people and actually wants to see you heal and not remain sick so he/she can gather a pay check.


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  2. Your blog has been very informative and good for me to read thus far. Thank you. I am very interested in the zyto scan -- do you have to have a doctor perform this, or can you order them yourself can I get one?

    Thanks muchly, in advance xx

  3. Hi Tiffany. I apologize that it has taken me this long to respond to your comment. You can give me a call at 509-881-4152 and we can discuss how to get a hand cradle to you. I work with a doctor, chiropractor, herbalist, and nutritionist. I really love the team I work with. We are all on a mission to see people get better and we think zyto is a great tool in making decisions towards that end. I hope to hear from you soon! Nikkoly