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Sunday, May 19, 2013

How Is My Family Getting Better?

This is a loaded question which is not simple to answer.  However I think I could make a rough outline.  I am not a medical professional, so this is just a woman who has discarded almost all medical advice and made God my Master Physician and He has led me down a very stable road, one of healing.  This is what we have chosen to do.  It might help someone, so here it is.

1.  Believe that you can recover, stop believing the lie that Lyme Disease and the minion diseases can't be cured.  If you believe this mumbo are will not recover.  The mind is a powerful thing.  In many create your reality.  Ultimately, if we draw near to God, He draws near to us, convicts us, reveals truth to us, and then we choose to submit to HIS ways, or continue going down our own road where everything seems right in our own eyes.  He doesn't will that anyone is sick.  If we are HIS child the diseases of the Egyptians (the world-not believers in God) will not cling to us.  If we obey HIM we love HIM and we then  have life, life abundantly.  I will expound more upon this later because in truth, as believers, we have been given/taught a lot of misinformation which keeps us quite ill-as the bible makes clear...we perish for lack of understanding about HIS instructions.

2.  Get a zyto scan done.  A zyto scan will pin point excactly what you personally need to do to get body systems balanced.  Focus on what you do need, not on what you don't need.  This will save your family a bunch of money and not put such a devestating financial burden upon you.  You will also stop looking to insurance companies and medical professionals to be your savior.

3.  Use Results RNA Silver, Glutithione, and Zeolite (15-8-15 sprays under tongue 2x/day) and be amazed at what the consistent use of these three products alone will do for your quality of life and how quickly they will kill the bugs.  My daughter was relieved of Lyme symptoms in four months using these products alone without changing her diet as much as I wanted her to.  She has organ damage from the long term use of antibiotics and that is what the zyto scan revealed, so that is specifically what we are treating, mostly, her pancreas.  I want to note that the long term use of the antibiotics had NOT rid her of Lyme or other minion parasites.

4.  Use doTERRA essential oils until your optimal wellness is achieved and then cut back the use to once a day for several more months.  My daily usage:  3 drops/3x day of Oregano, OnGuard, Cassia/Cinnamon (alternate every two weeks), thyme, and clove.  I added frankincense to the mix which eliminated Brain Fog and sludge.  I now just take these oils a few times a week.  I do use many essential oils throughout the day:  lemon in my water all day every day, lavendar and balance in my bathwater with the epsom salts, aloe vera, baking soda, and peroxide, whisper as my perfume, peppermint for my breath and I do treat acute symptoms until they are gone which means...sickness does NOT cling to me.  I use vetiver, sandlewood, myrh, and frankincense for pineal cyst as well...each day.  I use the oils in all my own homemade toothpastes, body lotions, deoderant, cleaners, etc.

5.  Eat well.  Whole foods.  Loads of veggies and fruits and good protein.  If you have Lyme you have a deficiency in potassium, B's, D's, and Magnesium...make broths to supplement and don't be afraid of bananas...just balance with fiber, fat, and protein and it won't spike your sugars.  There are a lot of food myths out there.  For example, "stevia is good for you", well, not if you are allergic to it.  Get an allergy test done to see what foods you should avoid until your immune system can kick it up a few notches and then re-introduce the foods and pay attention to your body's response.  Eating grains or even a bunch of GF foods is not such a marvelous idea either...just give your immune system a chance to recover.

6.  Enzymes and probiotics.  We take 1-4 enzymes with each meal and about 50 billion probiotics a day.  They truly do help your body recover as they aid in digesting and absorbtion of nutrients.

7.  You must see the forest, not the trees.  This is a wholistic issue.  If all one does is kill bugs and suffer with herxheimer reactions there will be nothing but increased misery and take years to recover from.  Less is more.  For example, if your thyroid isn't functioning, take care of that.  Get the correct tests and a doc. who can actually evaluate results.  You need Free T3, Free T 4, DHEA SO4, Estradiol, testosterone, progesterone tests.  If you can get your thyroid working again it helps other aspects of your body recover...there is not such a demand on  your immune response.  Another example would be to chelate so you can rid your body of heavy metal toxicity which is also keeping your body from healing.  Zeolite, chlorella, spirilina, cilantro, parsley, and a balance of Omegas 3-6-9 at a 2-1-1 ratio are great example of chelators.  Don't take 500 pills, your body is too broken for this.  It can't handle that kind of load.  The more allopathics one is taking the more difficult it is to recover, but this goes for the natural route as well...there is such a thing as "too much". 

8.  We must "take charge" for our wholeness:  spritual, physical, emotional, mental, relationships (body, soul, spirit).   If we take an honest look at our lives we may discover that there are spiritual roots to our diseases:  trauma, fear (stress, anxiety), occult, bitterness, striving, unforgiveness, self-hatred, unloving spirits, disobedience to the Word of God, etc.  Our diseases usually separate us from God and others.  More and more medical science is coming into agreement with the Word of God...what is going on at the soul and spirit level is affecting our health.  For me, once I realized that fear of abandonment, fear of man, and trauma had opened doors for my health to erode I then repented and have begun to find healing at the soul and spirit level which I believe has freed up my immune system to heal damaged physical areas of my is all connected.

9.  Metabolic Function:  cell cofactors, fatty acids, vitamins/minerals, probiotics, enzymes...all part of the nutrition cycle.  If one thing is missing it creates a deficiency, a problem.  This is key to healing...keep balance and keep things moving in the right direction.  It is work.

10.  Don't focus on your symptoms.  Look up.  Psalm 121.  As a man thinks in his heart, so he is.  We become what we think.  I am not dismissing the reality of the pain and terrorizing of the symptoms, but to break the hold they have on us takes weapons that are not carnal, but spiritual for the tearing down of strongholds. Prayer and obedience.

11.  Keep living.  Keep moving.  Your symptoms will tell you you can't, but you must choose life.  This is another spiritual aspect to this disease. The more we give in to the spirit of death the more we will erode.

12. Embrace a community.  This will conquer fear...fear of environmental illness, anxiety( which is a manifestation of fear), make yourself volunteer , be a blessing, focus on others even when you feel like you are dying.  This also conquers the spirit of death.  This is war.  Fight.  Do not embrace a sick community who only wants to talk about how sick they are.  You will not get better, but sink into the whirlpool of hopelessness.

13.  Do something you love, even if you can't do it like you used to, do it, make yourself.  This also will conquer fear and the spirit of death.  This is faith...the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things unseen.  Doubt is the opposite of faith and if one doubts there is no hope.  For example, gardening crippled me, but I refused to give up, I kept at it.  It made me feel alive, even on my worst days when all I could do was sit out there in a fog and pull a couple of weeds, I was still living, hoping, believing that one day I would be a gardening machine and today I am!!!


  1. I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time and energy to do this blog. I am also a homeschool mother diagnosed and dealing with Lyme. I , like you, know that God still heals and I am believing He will and that all of this will be to His glory.
    Thank you so much and blessings to you and your family. If you're ever in Texas and want to visit just shoot me an email.

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