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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

An Oily Day-Using doTERRA Essential Oils for Everything!

I can not express how thankful I am for doTERRA essential oils.  I truly believe they are a gift from God.  I use many of these precious oils every single day for a myriad of purposes.  I thought I would share about a day in my life using these oils.  This does not include how much I use these oils with my family, but just an average day for me.

In the morning:

1.  2 to 3 drops of Frankincense under my tongue and over thyroid-anti-cancer, thyroid support, overall health.  1-3 drops of peppermint, clove, lemongrass, and myrrh over thyroid and on bottom of feet for thyroid stimulation and support.
2.  Lemon or Slim and Sassy in my water (4-8 drops for 33 oz. of water)
3.  Lavendar, Peppermint, Melaleuca, and Rosemary in my shampoo and conditioner and body wash-all natural.  I make great efforts to keep toxic ingredients off of my skin.
4.  Homemade deodorant, skin toner, body, and face lotion on after the shower.  Each made with essential oils.
5.  1-3 drops Geranium over adrenals, kidneys, and liver for support and stimulation.
6.  1-3 drops Zendocrine over adrenals, kidney, pancreas, uterine area, and liver area for endocrine support.
7.  1-3 drops of Whisper and ylang ylang on wrists, uterine area, temples, and bottom of feet for hormonal balance and perfume.
8.  20 drops of Grapefruit oil in a capsule to move lymphatic system and to keep citrus oil flowing in my blood to help with hormonal support, anti-cancer, and mood regulation.
9.  Diffuse blood-brain barrier oils:  Frankincense and peppermint,  or rosemary and peppermint, clove and patchouli and sandalwood.  OR mood enhancing oils:  wild orange and peppermint, citrus bliss, elevation.  15 minutes  OnGuard during cold and flu season.  Purify if the dog smell is too much.
10.  OnGuard toothpaste-haven't had dental issues since consistently using this.

In the afternoon:
1.  Trim shake-incredibly great tasting shake.  You can add essential oils for increased great flavor.
2.  Frankincense and lavender mister as a refreshing pick me up.
3.  Diffuse oil of choice.  I often use Purify because I love how it makes me feel.  15 minutes.
4.  Use InTune if my focus is "off".  Roll on temples, behind ears, on thumbs and big toes.
5.  More lemon or slim and sassy in water.  Slim and Sassy breaks food cravings.
6.  Use lavender after sun spray I made, or peppermint spray I made to keep cool during  the summer.  Use sunscreen I made with oils and natural products.  Use melaleuca for any cuts or scrapes I might get or the kids might get.
7.  Apply hand salve and lip balm I made using all natural products and essential oils.
8.  Bug spray I made if I am outdoors with the garden, on a hike...they stay away. Terrashield is outstanding!
9.  Use cleaning products made from natural products and essential oils.  I try very hard not to use any cleaning agents that are toxic to my organs.

In the evening:
1.  Diffuse oil of choice for 15 minutes.  I like Serenity close to bedtime.
2.  1-3 drops of Frankincense under tongue.  Clove, peppermint, lemongrass, and myrrh over thyroid area and bottom of feet.
3.  OnGuard toothpaste.
4. Face wash,  Skin toner and lotion homemade with essential oils.
5.  Clary Sage on bottom of feet for hormonal balance and it also helps me relax and sleep.
5.  Serenity on my jaw bone, behind my ears, and over my heart.  Helps me relax and keep jaw pain from ruining my night.
6.  Lemon or Slim and Sassy in my water.  My drinking water ALWAYS has an oil in it.
7.  Deep Blue, Wintergreen, Peppermint, and Fractionated Coconut Oil in areas of inflammation.

I have many oils and I use them for a plethora of purposes depending on what me and my family require on a given day, but the above list is an average day of oil usage for me.  I probably forgot some because using them for just about everything is so second nature to me anymore.

Essential oils aren't "magic", but they certainly do work fast.  A common cold or flu supported with essential oils doesn't have much chance to old on when you use the oils the moment you feel unwell.  The days of our antibiotic and prescription drug use can come to an end and we can feel relieved to know that what we are doing for our bodies is promoting health, not deteriorating it.

"Get oily" because it will rapidly improve your health!

Contact me if you are interested in how essential oils can transform your health and bring vitality back into it.  Essential oils are a natural, safe, affordable, and effective alternative to a chemically laden-symptom based paradigm of healthcare.   I have extensive experiential knowledge at this point.  Join our team "Get Oily" and be educated daily on how you can use these oils to empower you and your family to get your life back!  It takes some hard work, but it works if you work it.  It only takes 21 days to develop a habit.  An oily habit is a good habit to establish.

I am not a medical professional, just a woman who got sick and tired of being sick and tired and took a road less traveled and discovered there were answers along that road, so I came back to share them with you.


  1. have you used edens garden oils? they are therapeutic grade. have you found any problems ingesting the oils?

  2. Hi Veronica,

    Since doTERRA oils are the ones that have given me my life back, I feel rather loyal, Ingesting the oils is what kicked Lyme and company's pahooties! doTERRA distills very specific constituents for very specific outcomes which is why all of their oils, except for a couple, can be safely ingested on a regular basis.

    I always encourage the use of a therapeutic oil with documented sourcing, and identified constituents over the use of synthetic medications every single day of the week.