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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Really Live

I have been absent from my blog due to the fact that I am alive and well and really living!  I have been super busy implementing my new business into our lives.  My business seems to change and grow on a daily basis which is exciting, yet a bit challenging to keep up with.  I feel like God opened a door for me and booted me out of it.  :)  It all seems so sudden, but in reality, it took me 42 years to get to where I am today.

For most of my life I have struggled with agonizing pain:  mental, emotional, and physical.  Most of my life I had no idea it was as bad as it all was until it was no longer there.  Now that I am at the light end of the tunnel, I look back and reach my hand out towards those still trying to see the light.  I have gone back into the tunnel with a headlamp and am searching in the corridors for the lost who grope around and feel like there is no hope at ever finding the light.  There is no way I could just come out of the tunnel and not go back in to help those still trying to find their way back out. 

I am now a Biofeedback Technician at Really Live Wellness, LLC.  I named my business "Really Live!" because I want to really live and now that I can do that without all these health hindrances I have lost time to catch up with. 

I use zyto scan wellness decision making technology to help people discover what stressors are hindering their immune function and keeping them feeling unwell. and work on formulating a baseline of recovery for them.  I am on a team with a doctor, a nutritionist, and a technician and we have all discovered many helpful things that truly do help other realize wholeness for themselves.

Our motto is:  less is more

We have a basic foundation we work from.

Here is that foundation:

1.  Diet- this is the MOST important factor in achieving wellness.  You need to eat good fats, proteins, loads and loads of fiber, and very little foods with natural sweetness.  We encourage people to eat some grains, but mostly vegetables and good sources of organic proteins.  A raw food and vegetable diet is the ideal diet for those who are chronically ill.  Juicing at least once a day will enable nutrients to assimilate into the bloodstream quickly and help get the body the fuel it needs to recover.  Most people we see are actually starving.  Their cells receive little to no nutrition.

Alongside diet we believe these are key components to this foundation stone:

Manna from Heaven "The One"

 I suggest that chronically ill people take 2 scoops of the powder first thing in the morning with 6-8oz. of 100% juice.  Do not eat or drink anything for an hour afterwards.  This herbal formulation will totally feed your cells and oftentimes you won't even feel like you need to eat for hours.  This is because your cells are receiving superior nutrition and can now begin the healing process.

Manna from Heaven "Guts"

I suggest you start with 2 capsules right before your head hits the pillow.  If you produce 3 loamy bowel movements the next day that is the correct amount for you.  If not, you increase by one capsule until you do produce the 3 loamy BM's a day.  One you get to that point, you can slowly back down until you get to the number of capsules that keeps you have 3 BM's daily.

Death is in the colon.  We must keep it clean so nutrients can be absorbed and toxins can be released.

These are other products that can be added as needed:

Manna from Heaven A and D:  take for up to 90 days and then as needed to encourage your body to produce the correct amounts of serotonin-your feel good neurotransmitter.  This is our whole food anti-depressant formula.  You may have to do muscle testing to see how many capsules you specifically need.  Take this about an hour before you go to bed, then take your Guts formula right as you go to bed.  I use a variety of muscle testing techniques to find out how many capsules I need.  This is one way to do muscle testing:

Manna from Heaven Slumber:  take up to 90 days and then only as needed to encourage your body to produce the correct amount of melatonin-your let me get some proper sleep hormone.  This is very informative in understanding the link between serotonin and melatonin :  Take this an hour before you go to bed, unless you are taking A and D, then take the A and D two hours before you go to bed, then the Slumber an hour before bed, then the Guts right as you go to bed.  These are complete whole foods, no synthetics, fillers, or badness, so they need to be taken on a stomach that hasn't been filled with liquid or food for an hour, so it can have optimal deliverance to the cells.

Manna from Heaven Fuel:  a perfect herbal formula that does not use caffeine, but gives you the energy you need during the day and helps you relax and be ready for bed at night.

More about digestive needs: 

Enzymes.  We all need them.  Our pancreas needs support.  By taking enzymes before every meal we enable our digestive system to break down foods for better nutrient assimilation.  I have tried MANY enzymes and my favorite is Terrazyme by doTERRA essential oil  I also like Digest Gold and Digest More Ultra.  I have also found taking bitters before eating is helpful in getting my body to prepare for digestion. citrus bitters.

As a rule of thumb, I take one enzyme before a meal and then if I do not feel energized by eating I take another one after the meal.  If after 20 minutes I still feel sluggish, I will take another one, and so on.  Food should energize us.  It should not make us feel sluggish.  It is either you can't digest the healthy food you are eating, or you aren't eating the right foods and your body is trying to tell you that.  I hope you are listening.

Digestion and elimination are the most important aspects of wellness.  We need to put about 90% of our focus here first and get this foundation perfectly laid in order to add to it and have our health recover.

2.  Results RNA ACS Silver, ACG Glutathione, and ACZ Zeolite are a power house of detox products.  The silver will kill parasites (including lyme-within 8 minutes), bacteria, virus, mold, and fungus.  The Glutathione, being the master anti-oxidant, will help your liver to deal with the toxic load and get rid of stuff that shouldn't be there and to assimilate other anti-oxidants you might be eating or drinking.  The Zeolite will bind with heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, die off and waste of critters and carry it out through your urine.  Within as little as two weeks you may discover a massive turn around in your health if you have already established Step 1 in your foundation to wellness.  I suggest taking this therapeutically for at least 6 months, getting the zyto scan done again to see your progress and re-evaluate at that point on how much of these products you need to continue using.

You can order my messaging me at, or at www.reallylivewellness or call me at 509-881-4152

3.  doTERRA essential oils.  My basic usage  is:  3 drops of each in a capsule:  oregano, onGuard, cassia/cinnamon (change up every two weeks on cinn./cass.) 3 times a day until symptoms subside, then down to 2 drops 2 times a day until symptoms disappear, then 1 drop 1x a day for several weeks.  I also added to this mix:  thyme and clove to keep the bacteria from communicating.  Communication = replication.  I also took 1-3 drops of Frankincense under my tongue as I could handle it.  I started with 1 drop 1x a day and then added on.  This eliminated brain fog and healed my brain in so many ways.  I added Melaleuca to this mix to deal with fungus from too much anti-biotic usage.  I also put Slim and Sassy in my water bottle every time I filled it up (still do actually) to help my metabolism to regulate and to carry out toxins and give my cells energy.  I often will take 10-20 drops of grapefruit oil in a capsule 3-5x a week to bind with toxins as well.  I eat a Trim Shake once a day with added cashews and fruit and coconut milk.  This keeps cortisol blood serum levels down and helps with a healthy inflammation cycle and provides enough calories to keep me satisfied until dinner.  I get an AromaTouch Technique done at least 1x week to alleviate stress to my adrenals, reduce inflammation, increase immune response, and provide homeostasis.  It has been very effective in ridding my body of cysts from Lyme.  After they rupture, I use Results RNA and within 20 minutes all symptoms of the bacteria are gone. ,

Zyto scan will pinpoint what oils each individual needs to use to help their own body to balance so it can heal.  I found it quite interesting that my body assessed as needing the entire lyme protocol plus Serenity-for sleep. 

4.  Doc Flowers Old Thyme Remedies:

We use these products for specific ailments once the baseline of nutrition/diet, and detox has happened thoroughly.  It makes these products up to 500% more effective than using these products before the baseline has been established.

Blessed Relief:  allergies

Second Act:  PMS/Menopause

The Dude's Elixir:  prostate health

Right as Rain:  pain relief

Noggin' Health:  improves brain function

and so much more...check out product line:

You can order from this site.  There is no connection to me unless you come to my office where I have products in stock.

These formulas are very effective when used for acute symptoms.

None of the above is intended to treat, cure, or diagnose any medical condition.  Please contact a medical doctor.



  1. I have run across your blog quite a few times now and after a couple years have decided to contact you. I am also treating Lyme with doterra, homeschool, and am a Christian . I would really like to talk to you via email, I have so many questions. Is there any way I could contact you to learn a little more about how you treat Lyme ? I know it's all here in your blog but I wondered if I could ask you a few questions.
    Great blog and thanks so much for sharing all of your knowledge.

  2. My email is Please feel free to contact me. If I can share anything that could help someone else I am all for it! Thanks for your kind words.