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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Adrenal Fatigue and Why it Should Matter to You

Emotional and spiritual health are just as important as physical health.  Lately, I have seen the value of making sure to incorporate body, mind, and spirit work with all my clients.  The one is not separate from the other two no matter which way you look at it.  All must be addressed to find wholeness, vitality, and life.  Real liberation happens when we are willing to face the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Since this past October it appears that the Creator of the Universe has set a path before me that I can not avoid.  It is the path of emotional and spiritual healing.  Honestly, I have been avoiding it for some time.  For years I survived Lyme disease and its harsh realities by ignoring or making light of the agony inside and out.  Compartmentalizing my pain and emotional torment became a skill I acquired.  So, this past Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles, biblical holiday) as I was praying and asking God to show me His will for me this year, He began to reveal to me patterns.  In truth, I knew exactly what He meant by the pictures and dreams He gave me.  I felt passive, hesitant, and quite frankly, delusional.  The things impressed upon my spirit to obey were going to create great change in our lives.  All I sensed He asked of me was to just follow His lead, but pay attention to the patterns.  Once I figured that out everything became crystal clear.  Once I decided to put my hand to the plow and do the hard work required to achieve emotional and spiritual healing the pathway was cleared for me and His guidance and support has upheld me throughout this challenging process of growth and liberation.

I think of the Israelites as slaves in Egypt coming out of the bondage of oppression and how they would even complain during the process of liberation because it was so hard.  I think, what whiners.  I think, geez they saw all those miracles and turned on God and Moses so quickly?  What losers.  But, then I realize I am not that much different from them.  When God asks me to do the hard things, or to take a step in faith I do expect Him to just make everything easy.  The truth is that deliverance is never easy.  It require work, tenacity, and not looking back longing for what once was.  My eyes need to be fixed on what lay ahead.  The Author and the Finisher of my faith calls me forward.  Whom shall I fear, whom shall I follow?  It seems pretty straightforward that I can either choose to give up and die in the wilderness on my way to the Promise Land, or I can have faith, believe in what I can't see, touch, or grasp, and keep moving forward.

What does any of this have to do with adrenal fatigue and why it should matter to you?  After all you had to read a lot just to get to an intro. to the subject matter.  I haven't digressed, I am just trying to set up a pattern of human behavior that creates imbalances.  I see it all the time.  We all do it, but just to varying degrees.  These patterns create stress within our bodies and this stress creates disease.  How we handle our emotional, spiritual, and physical health have a direct correlation to what takes place within our mortal frames.

As a biofeedback technician my job is to help my clients to reduce stress in their own bodies so they can achieve optimal wellness.  There are a few things I do for every single client:  address hyper reactivity, support nutritional, hormonal, and parasympathetic systems.  My main goal is to give each client some specific tools in their tool belt in the area of stress reduction to assist themselves to learn to turn "off" and go from fight or flight response to a place where the body can begin to heal itself .  My goal is to educate each client how to liberate themselves from a stress holding pattern so they can live well.

Today I want to address a body system that is way over stimulated in our culture:  the adrenals.  If you don't know about your adrenal glands I would like to introduce you to them.  They are located here:
 Go to this site and read everything you can here.

Also check out this book: Reading it would be a better option.

Also, don't underestimate being empowered by knowledge and go to your doctor prepared to advocate for yourself.  Read this:  If you can't find a doctor who will allow you to advocate for yourself, fire them and find one who will.  This is your body, your mind, your soul, and your spirit.  Stand up and fight for your health.  Adrenal health is entwined with overall wellness.  As in everything, one system is impacted by another, nothing in the body works in isolation.

I was recently diagnosed with Phase 3 adrenal fatigue and that really didn't surprise me. The zeal of regaining my health and vitality and being on a mission to see others achieve their health as wellness put me in a place of imbalance.  I knew it intuitively, but I just kept going.  My focus has been on helping as many people as I can.  I tend to pour myself into each client because I do truly care.  Time management is not my strong point, and often I am donating more hours than I am getting paid for, which I hardly notice because my job feeds me, but it also reveals an imbalance.

Physically I am doing all the right things, but emotionally I have been holding things in for way too long, especially in the department of my relationships with others.  My tendency is to make people happy, although I do not always succeed, I do intend for that to be the outcome.  Accommodating, enabling, justifying, rationalizing, delusion, lack of awareness are all accurate descriptors that tend to keep me emotionally numb or ignoring what should be addressed to keep an appearance of harmony.

 Instead of dealing with issues I kept containing them in neat little compartments inside of my body thinking I was being so sly.  How would the body know that I had so much frustration, blocked desires, goals, and other stagnations?  Well, the body is brilliant.  It will adapt, but eventually it is done adapting and cries out is exhaustion, "Help me!"

I began reading, "Stop the Thyroid Madness" at the end of October (I had attempted months earlier when a friend had given me the book, but it just never resonated).  By November, I had made an appointment with a very respected ARNP who works specifically with hormones.  In December I had the appointment and got all the blood work in, the saliva samples done, and waited for the results in January. The pattern was made clear:  neglect, denial, and delusion are not effective healing strategies.  There it was as clear as day.  The emotional door again wide open to walk through.  Lessons conveyed during the appointment focused on:  boundaries, emotional health, victoriously living out being an empath, and how to nurture my body to the other side of adrenal fatigue.

I came home fired up to truly get to work emotionally.  The kindness of God is that He tests our faith. Right after my appointment I came home to discover that my software for biofeedback was gone. My ability to do my job thwarted due to a computer not functioning.   My computer had died-dead-all the way, no resurrection possible.  I had a choice:  freak out and dump more stress into my body, or trust that this dilemma would be rectified.  I called who I needed to call to get the ball rolling and watched as my husband came to my rescue and God gave him a great idea on the way home from an errand that saved my appointments for the rest of that week.  Another wonderful person who works with the IT side of biofeedback in our group stayed up late nights with my husband to get my software back on my new computer.  I felt like when Moses told the Israelites to stand still and look for deliverance that came with an outstretched arm.  Being still is powerful.  When I chose to trust, hope, have faith, and believe all the pieces came together perfectly. I pray blessings fill Dennis and Jeremy's lives to overflowing for being so amazing during a week that could have ended me in bed for months.

Having honest conversations with people in my life is a new standard for me.  I can't pretend or avoid, I must have honesty.  This has been amazing because I am finding there are others who want that exact same thing.  Like does attract like.  Interesting.  Selah (allow for deep thinking time and meditate on that concept)  Honesty is worth it.  It isn't easy, but it is so much more liberating to live in truth then to be oppressed by the lie just to maintain some false sense of peace and order.

Learning to set boundaries during my appointments is the next huge hurdle.  My clients are each so very important to me, but I must be a role model to them.  It shouldn't surprise me that I wold have to walk through this valley.  We can only give what we have.  After walking through to the other side, I will have so much more to offer my clients, since adrenal fatigue is a mammoth problem here in these states of America.  It is good to be humbled, learn the lessons, and get back up and keep moving forward.  One can not become an overcomer if there is nothing to overcome.

I want to leave you with some of the questions that I have been exploring:

1.  Are you deluding yourself in your relationships, health, finances, spirituality, emotions, or motivations?  What are you doing to create positive change in each area?

2.  Are you nurturing positive thoughts, ideas, behaviors, and attitudes on a regular basis?

3.  Do you say yes more than you say no?

4.  What are your boundaries?

5.  What was the last thing you did to support your emotional and spiritual health?

6.  What was the last thing you did to support your physical health?

7.  How often do you nurture yourself?

8.  Do you have one day set aside to rest, rejuvenate, refresh, and be restored?

9.  Do you know how to take inventory of what is yours and what belongs to someone else?  Are you a baggage collector?

One last resource that I am exploring has to do with having an empath bent.  Doing biofeedback has made me so much more self aware.  Learning how to not carry around stuff that doesn't belong to me is quite liberating as well. People who are characterized mostly by being empaths may benefit from this website and the book:.   Empaths are more likely to become very ill as they have a tendency to take on other people's stuff and not know how to let it go, so this energy can create great ruin in their lives if they don't learn how to manage it.

Things I am doing to nourish my adrenals:

1.  Sleep 7-9 hours a day.

2.  Transdermally apply magnesium oil over adrenals, feet, and armpits 3x daily.

3.  Buffered Vitamin C powder.  I put 1/4 of a tsp. every time I fill my water bottle.  I also add bioplasma cell salts, a pinch of Himalayan salt, and 8 drops of slim and sassy.

4.  Intermittent fasting.  I am using the as a guideline.  I don't always use coffee, sometimes I use matcha.  This is actually doing wonders for me.  I make sure that every food choice I make is heavy on the green and the best source of protein possible.  We use the Laird Hamilton recipe with the red palm oil, best source of beta carotene and vit. e there is.  This is a personal choice.  I am just sharing what I have found helpful.

5.  Juicing:  lemon, lime, half an apple, celery, parsley, cilantro

6. Supplement list:   Ashwaghanda and other Ayurvedic supplements, Thyroid Px, Lugol's iodine, Bone Nutrient (doTERRA), Lifelong Vitality Pack (doTERRA), Mito 2 Max (doTERRA), Thorne B complex, Thorne Vit. D 3 25,000 IU every other day, Thorne DHEA 5 mg, PB Assist (doTERRA), Enzymes (Silver Water or doTERRA), collagen, bee pollen, agar agar, wobenzym n, and tumeric,

7.  Kombucha 2-4 tbsp. daily

8.  Epsom Salt baths at least 1x a week.

9.  Rebounding and stretching at least 3x a week for 20 minutes-strenuous exercise is a big fat NO.

10.  Eating as many good fats as possible during my meals.  No rancid fats!!

11.  Essential oils:  clary calm as deodorant, immortelle over thyroid, Verage doTERRA skin care, zendocrine capsules and oils 2-3x daily, basil, rosemary, clary sage, and bergamot on feet with magnesium oil 2x daily, ylang ylang, whisper, elevation, and jasmine in the am, serenity, geranium, myrrh, and frankincesne rubbed over adrenals 2x daily.  Frankincense, 3 drops 2-3x daily, slim and sassy 8 drops in every refill in my water bottle, diffuse arborvitae and wild orange diffused all day, onguard and peppermint beadlets a couple of times a day, balance with each new client.  I find ways to use oils all day everyday.  They have been a lifeline and massive support to me.

12.  biofeedback sessions weekly

13.  Chiropractic, massage, and Acupuncture monthly

14.  Creating a new life script/self talk manuscript.  Positive and affirming words that create life and not death.

15.  Praying at least 10 minutes a day-I am fearfully and wonderfully made by the Master designer of the flawless Universe, I am in good hands, He who began the good work will be able to complete it.

16.  Believing the scriptures are real, alive, and active in and through me.   I can live in victory from victory because of what the Father was able to accomplish through His son Yeshua.

17.  Finding time to be present with each family member and working on the tough stuff at home first.

18.  Making time for my hobbies and leisure.

19.  Choosing healthy relationships.

20.  Not carrying projected guilt around.

21.  A thousand other things I am sure.  I am deeply immersed presently in getting out of adrenal fatigue 101.

Body, Mind, Spirit!!!  First the natural then the spiritual is a principle all throughout the scriptures.  There seems to always be another deeper layer to healing.  Here is to diving deep!!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Toxic Inventory

Have you ever taken serious time to take an inventory of what could be causing your toxic burden?  If you have chronic illness this is an essential step towards wellness.  Our bodies are saturated with illness and we must help our poor bodies out and begin to volitionally remove these burdens.  Most of us know that we need to remove toxic fabrics, household cleaners, bath and beauty products, perfumes and air fresheners, amalgam fillings, avoidance of the use of and exposure to heavy metals, laundry soap, food additives, and anything processed.    What about our relationships?

This is has the potential to be the most toxic burden we carry around and usually the last one we address.  We are sick, down, out, discouraged, often hopeless, despair kicks in and depression seems to be our constant internal voice.  We attract what we are sending out, so on our path to wholeness as we begin to "wake up" in the land of the living we may soon begin to realize that we have surrounded ourselves with others that are just as "stuck" as we are, or sometimes, more stuck.  These other folks might be life long friends, family, church family, clubs family, etc.  There are broken people everywhere. I believe that at all times, in varying ways, we are all broken, but are we reaching up to wholeness, or are we plummeting down towards lifelessness?  Who are we bringing with us?

 It is impossible to avoid brokenness completely, but we can choose who we allow "in".  Everything I listed in the first paragraph are the toxins we want OUT, but with relationships it is our choice who we allow IN.  WE should be much more choosy.  These choices will require us to grow ourselves to be the person we want to be around.  I would often wonder in my darkest hours what had happened to the real me?  Where was I?  Why couldn't I find me?  I didn't want to be like this.  I realized that people didn't want to be around me, I didn't either.  I was so lost and hurting, focusing on negative patterns and beliefs, pulled down into abysmal thinking and behaviors.  It is painful to change when we feel so justified as to why we are the way we are.  WE don't think we can change because we are so ill.  We build walls to protect ourselves from fears real or imaginary.  We do all kinds of things and hope people will accept us unconditionally.  We decide that our perception is the truth and there we are...stuck.

 Those of us battling Lyme and company feel beyond broken, quite often misunderstood,  so we don't really notice the level of brokenness we surround ourselves with.  Sometimes, for many of us, we are actually VERY alone and broken just fighting to survive.  People will avoid us like the plague due to our shattered condition which tends to lead us inward praying that someone would reach out to us and stand with us through the process of healing.  We expect a lot of these people.  We want them to be just about perfect.  We want them to want to be around us and listen to us and nurture us and support us, and if we are truly blessed we are given this gift in another human being.  Sometimes our own toxicity, due to our pain and inability to think, repels those who would otherwise be willing to fill our desired gaps.  The whole thing is twisted and seriously upsetting. 

What happens energetically when we are surrounded by people who are negative, make agreements with death and disease, gossip, tear themselves apart, are passive aggressive, co-dependent, make excuses, project themselves on others, have addictive bents that are self-destructive and cause harm to others? We become like them.

 This energy is chemistry in action.  I think of it as the oxygen molecule which has 6 electrons in its outer ring, always looking to make 8, so it easily combines with two Hydrogen to do this.  When we are around people like this (maybe we are people like this) they literally suck the life right out of us by joining with us and then we soon are orbiting with them.  It then becomes a toxic molecule.  When we have so little life force, why are we giving it away?  Is it because we can only find other people like us?  Is it because there are so few who "get" what we are going through, so we commiserate together and are willing to settle for what we can get?

This last year has been quite a process for me, an unraveling, a rediscovery, a lesson about change and growth.  It has been excruciatingly painful and the growing pains, at times, have been almost intolerable.  The whole theme has been about relationships and the person I have become due to the company I have kept.  Who am I without the symptoms of this disease destroying me? Who do I want to be in the land of the living? What type of people do I want to attract and allow "in" my life?

There have been days when I have thought...maybe I should just go back to working on all the other toxins in my life, but God has gently been guiding, leading, and directing me to face my fears and to learn to let go and trust that His ways are not my ways and HIS plans are continually for my good as I choose to walk in HIS light I find I have light to share.

Lately, I have been walking away from relationships that I have realized have brought me to a level that I have passed.  I am moving up one level at a time in how I view life, love, peace, joy, truth, friendship, family, happiness etc.  My kindnesses have been abused to the point that I was finding myself wanting to stop being kind??? Insult after insult was being hurled at me, or circular reasoning was being used to convince me why my kindnesses were greed or control or manipulation???  Once I could see that these people were projecting their own stuff on me I began to find myself being freed as I started to take inventory on what was really "mine" and what was really "theirs".  I encourage everyone to go through this before you make contact with other people, so you don't continue to carry around others' baggage.  We can truly take on others behaviors, beliefs, pain, negativity, and so much more.  Make sure to give them back their stuff before you leave their presence.  We each have enough of our own baggage to deal with.

Where is my line?  What are my boundaries?  I would be more than happy to have these people join me, but when asked to take the tests required to pass the answer is often no, not yes.  Some of them like where they are at, others say they don't, but do not do what is required to prepare for the test well enough to pass.  They are stuck in the past, clinging to it, like it is saving them.  It is tragic to me.  Walking away has been very hard, but as I have chosen growth, God has been providing new people who I want "in" my life.  People who want to grow and change too.  People who see that they don't have to limit themselves and can be whole.  People who know they have choice and are agreeing with life.  It is so stimulating and refreshing to be around these people and the longer I get to spend with them the more positive energy we generate and the more I realize my view point is clearing up.  I see things differently.  I have many levels yet to rise, but I am here to tell you...I am going to rise.  I will prepare for the tests and take them, regardless of their difficulty because it is worth the labor and price.

Relationships that are healthy are just as important, if not more so, than what we eat, wear, smell, touch, or use.

  Using biofeedback has truly cemented my belief that most of our health issues begin as an emotional/spiritual dysfunction or trauma.  When we begin to get to the root and dig it out...the whole tree comes falling down, and we can plant a new one.

This is still a work in progress.  I believe it always will be, from glory to glory.  I love people, truly and dearly, but some people are just toxic and until they choose to heal and grow, I must love them and pray for them at a distance.

Take a toxic inventory and challenge yourself to become the person you want as a friend.  See if you will begin to attract this.  It is fun, but you will be required to grow and change.  No gain.

Until next time.  Shalom!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Updated: Nikkoly's doTERRA CPTG Lyme and Co-Infections Protocol

I am often asked to outline my protocol, which is dynamic as I learn and apply more understanding.  I truly have found that if I change things up or take a break a bit every 2 months (My initial course of action was as long as it took to become symptom free which took 4 months, now I pulse every two months, it takes at least 3 months to get to the cellular level which is ideal)  I have the most success and don't tend to hyper react to the substances that are intended to create wellness.  I do NOT have herxheimer reactions any longer.  I do not believe they are beneficial and have proven that with myself and in my own family and with those I work with.  Causing more stress to the body to get better goes against everything that makes sense to me, especially when Lyme already stretches a body to the limits.

I did happen to activate my Lyme symptoms by being on the CGAM Body Charger for too long on the numbers for bacteria.  The good news is that it just took me a couple of weeks to beat those bacteria back and get on with restoration.

My mantra is that whatever oil I use in any fashion I must also deeply inhale from the bottle in each nostril 3x.  I am pretty oil saturated.  :)

Here is the "core" of my protocol:

3 drops 3 x a day in a capsule to be taken with food on your stomach:

oregano and melaleuca  (The melaleuca sloughs off the biofilm and the oregano kills the bacteria.
onGuard-a blend that boosts immune response)
Cassia/Cinnamon (alternate these every two weeks due to the varying chemical constituents)
thyme and clove  (to keep the bacteria from replicating)
Frankincense (to help with inflammation and to cross the blood brain barrier and help with neurological issues and degeneration)

Use Clary Calm as deodorant -great for hormone health, PMS, and Menopause and much more

Take 3 drops 3x a day in between meals:

zendocrine oil (liver detox, lymphatic decongestant, endocrine health, Candida, cardiovascular support, digestive aid, and much more)
 (I also take 2 capsules of Zendocrine Capsules at this time-I also rub the zendocrine oil over my liver, kidneys, and abdomen at least 1x a day)
cilantro oil (heavy metal chelation, kidney and liver support, cell reconstruction, brain health....)
grapefruit oil (petrochemical dissolvent, water retention, lymphatic decongestant, burn fat, cardiovascular health, kidney and liver disorders...._

Keep Slim and Sassy (8 drops in 16 oz. of water) in my water throughout the day to keep metabolism and energy levels up.  This helps with sugar regulation and satiation as well as uptake of nutrients.  I will alternate this with lemon every two months to help reduce toxic load and prevent degeneration.
Terrazyme - 1-3 before a meal and as needed.  Food should energize us.  We should not feel sluggish, bloated, or gaseous as a result of eating, play with the amount you need.  I know I need more when I eat animal protein.  It is very difficult for my body to digest these proteins.
DigestZen (digestive aid and support, 1-3 drops under tongue, over stomach, and in belly button)

Keep oils diffusing throughout the day (do not underestimate the power of oils diffusing throughout the day-I have found this to be a real KEY):
Citrus Bliss (mood enhancer)
Purify (clean air)
Onguard (immune boosting)
Breathe (respiratory)
Balance (calms nervous system)
Serenity (insomnia/anxiety)

Lifelong Vitality Pack 2 capsules 2x a day
Mito 2 Max 2 capsules 2x a day
Bone Nutrient 2 capsules 2x a day

Immortelle on my face morning and night
doTERRA Skin care systems.  I love them ALL.

I take lemongrass or cedarwood with me to my massages and have my therapists use these oils on me for connective tissue repair and muscle relaxation.

I use the AromaTouch Technique on my family and myself.

For Hormones and Heart:

Each am diffuse Citrus Bliss
rub Elevation and Ylang Ylang over my heart (1-3 drops) and inhale deeply
diffuse Balance in the afternoon
Rub Serenity and Clary Sage on the bottom of my feet at night and either diffuse roman chamomile, Serenity, or Balance next to my bed at night.

Vanilla Trim Shake with ginger, wild orange, or lemon with fruit, nuts, and coconut oil are so tasty.

The more experiences I have with the oils the more I become aware of what my body needs throughout the day.  I have a chemical/energetic  reaction with these oils and have learned to pay attention to my responses and to stick with them long enough to produce the desired change/results.  Consistency is Paramount!!!!!  These oils prioritize and take care of first things first, so it takes some time to get in there and take care of business. 

I do maintain chiropractic care 2x a month, acupuncture 1x a month, massage 2x a month-often includes cranial sacral, SCIO  biofeedback 1x a week, CGAM Body Charger 1-2x a week, HALO photonics 1x a week.

On my two months off the oils I use other products. The oils are very powerful and you must be sure to take probiotics every night to keep bowel flora balanced.  PB Assist is a super probiotic.  I usually take 2 before bed.

I also use GUTS for 2 months on and then off  to keep that bowel moving strong.  I initially had to take several to get things cleaned up, but now I rarely have to take them.  It is essential that you drink about a gallon of water a day when you take these.

I eat as gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free as possible.  I avoid alcohol and am working on eliminating caffeine from my daily routine again.  This diet thing does have an ebb and flow and sometimes I am way better than at other times.  I feel best drinking vegetable and fruit juices, raw foods, and staying away from animal protein.  My body LOVES FAT!  Coconut oil, avocado, UDO's 3-6-9, and butter.  I realize I digest better if most of my foods are liquid:  green drinks, smoothies, and bone broths and soups.  I eat fermented foods like sauerkraut, kombucha, and pickles.  All grains, regardless, are REALLY hard on me, so I try to avoid them as much as possible. Treating Lyme and company takes a lot of hard work, but it is SOOOOO worth it to really live again!!!

I am working on a website that will soon have video tutorials of the different things I have done or presently do that have helped me regain my life and vitality.  Keep checking in:

Please check out my website:

If you have any questions about ordering, or the oils specifically, give me a call:  509-881-4152