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Brown Dog Tick
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Thursday, June 25, 2015

FDA Compliant

I just want my readership to know that I have been made aware that this blog has not been in compliance and I have made claims that I am not allowed to make.  doTERRA is a wonderful company and has amazing oils and I do not want to do anything to jeopardize the mission I believe we are on to support wellness everywhere.

Therefore, I will have to change the wording of my testimony and how I have said a lot of things on this blog and even change the labels.  I can not speak in terms of disease or symptoms.  I have five days to make the necessary changes.

Essential oils support healthy body system function and can relieve stress within the body.  I have sooo many stories, so many testimonies and I feel very censored and frustrated that we live in a world where it's not okay to let others know what something truly did for you.  I was actually told to be truthful!!!  WOW!

 It may take me awhile to figure out how to talk about the miracles in my life without pissing the FDA off.  All I know is that for 38 years I suffered terribly and now I don't.  No one can take away from me what actually happened.  What a crazy world we live many things are so upside down.

I will speak in terms of imbalances, balances, stress reduction, supporting healthy body systems, function, support overall health and wellness, vitality, healthy cell function, cellular energy, cell development, longevity, protects, cleanses, tick born infections-can't use the actually diagnostic names, normal cell activity.  I can talk about organs, not symptoms.  I can talk about a sense of calm, promoting whole body relaxation, soothes sore muscles and joints,  soothes nerves, brings harmony to the mind and body, promotes circulation, helps with anxious feelings, warding off environmental and seasonal threats, assists with clear breathing, supports bone health and function, blah blah blah.

Thankfully the FDA doesn't control God's work in my life.  I am living proof and everywhere I go I prove what is true.

There is hope for a vitally alive life!!!  The FDA can't take that away either!!!

Rant over.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Liver and Perimenopause

Today I want to talk a bit about the liver and Perimenopause.  I love my liver. I don't love perimenopause. My liver has done so much work for me, more than I realized for years.  It has battled cancer cells many a time, and it is doing it again.  I have learned a lot these past few years about lyme disease and the liver.  The liver is my favorite organ.  I work hard to keep it happy, and when I don't, I know it.

The liver and adrenals are super important always, but during perimenopause they requre extra TLC.  I am trying out a few different strategies to help stablize my hormones, support adrenals, and restore liver function.  I truly think that I will have to work hard the rest of my life to keep my organs happy and functioning.  Lyme bacteria and co-infections went unchecked for so many years that it is a miracle I yet live.

I love the book  "Healing With Whole Foods" by Paul Pitchford.

It is an excellent resource and I am following the advice given in this book about liver support with intention and determination. There is so much to glean from this material, but I am just focusing on liver help right now since that is the organ that needs it the most currently.  Once my liver feels better a lot of other organs will also feel better.  It is a beneficial domino effect.

Perimenopause is something most people won't talk about.  I wish they would because it is kind of a big deal in a woman's life.  It is a time where things hormonally really shift and if handled correctly could truly prevent a lot of diseases that result when not properly handled.  Here is a list of symptoms:
A woman can begin this process in her 30's.  It can take years to finally get to menopause and so it is important that we make healthful and mindful choices during this time period of our lives.  For a good majority of us we become estrogen dominant which is NOT a good thing.  We need a balance of progesterone and estrogen.  So many people are being treated improperly with hormone replacements and such.  Two books I just love:  and
I think they both should be read and kept in our personal libraries to refer to often.  What we eat, what containers we use, what lotions, cleaners, and bath and beauty products we use ALL have an impact on our hormones.

I had to make a very difficult decision for myself.  It created some serious religious conflict for me.  I am an observant Messianic Jew and I do believe that pork is not food, nor was it ever intended to be food.  It came to a point where I need to take something more serious for my thyroid.  I had tried so many other things.  My doctor suggested Naturethroid:  I also read about this product called Thyro-Gold made from bovine source:

Naturethroid is made from porcine (pork).  My doctor said it works the best. I have struggled for quite some time with whether to take it or not due to its porkiness.  My doctor tried to find a bovine source that would do the same thing for me and be as effective, but it essentially came down to this product does the job.  Due to the urgency of my need, I conceded and am on day 3 of taking it.  It is suppose to be taken sublingually, but I can't make myself do it, so I just swallow it and pray God uses it to help me.  I am currently reseraching myself to find something with a bovine source that is just as effective.  I truly hate taking this stuff.  I know that how I feel about it also effects its benefits, so I do pray God shows me HIS way.  If this is HIS way, so be it, but I truly don't want to do anything outside of HIS will.  I want to honor HIM.  He said, don't consume pork, Jesus did not okay the eating of pork no matter how many people like to twist the intent and meaning of the scriptures.  I am basically eating pork thyroid-not settling well.  Sometimes desperation makes us compromise and I guess that is how I am feeling right now.  I know from my past history on this journey that God makes a path in the desperate times.  The path must be there, and I will try to find it.  Reading about how other Jews have rationalized it does not confirm my decision or make me feel okay about taking it.  I need to know from God for myself and the way I know is that I have peace and as you may notice-I don't, so why am I taking it?  Desperation.  If this works for me that will be a BIG deal for my health and well being.  I try to look at the deeper aspects of the law which is the only reason I decided to go along with this idea.  If this brings life to my body that is a good thing.  I will keep you posted.  Within two weeks I should be able to tell if it is or not.

I am using doTERRA essential oils for my liver as well.  3 drops of myrrh and 2 drops of geranium over my liver at least 1x a day and 1 drop of lavender in 8oz. of water each morning.  I also drink the  juice of a lemon each morning with 8oz of warm water, lemon oil in my water throughout the day, and grapefruit oil as well.  I use the zendocrine detoxification blend and softgels.  I drink Manna from Heaven The One each morning which is loaded with sprouted grasses, seaweeds, and loads of other adrenal,liver, and hormonal support ingredients.  I am eating 4 tbsp. of flaxseed daily, GLA, colostrum, broken bone marrow-gelatin, bee pollen/royal jelly, chamomille tea, and roman chamomille essential oil diffused, I am also working on my heart health with a product from Coseva called CVR 3 and Advanced TRS.  I continue to use Results RNA herbal formulas as well.  I drink most of my calories since digestion is just so difficult for me.  I am excited about the Healing with Whole Foods book to use as a guideline to help support my health goals.  Changing things up as needed is so important.  Thankfully, I can get on biofeedback and see what deficiencies, hyper reactions, and excess I am having so I can make the changes needed.

Lyme disease unchecked did a number on me.  I am thankful that I am not stuck on a couch anymore and that my quality of life is the best it has ever been.  There are days I wonder if the damage will ever be repaired, but I will work hard trying every day.  If I should die young no one will ever be able to say that I didn't do everything possible to live.  This is a journey and one I take knowing that the things I learn and discover may also help others.  I no longer feel isolated or alone, but empowered.  Actually, I really have never felt so alive, confident, and more sure of who God made me to be than I do now.  His work is amazing and I am excited to see how far He takes me into abundant living.  Fear is no way to live, perfect love that casts out fear is where it is at.  I know that I am loved by my creator and HIS benefits reach me daily.  He is working this all out for my good and the good of others.  His scope and perspective is so much clearer than mine and it is in times of desperation, like I am currently in, that I must draw closer to HIM so that I can see what HE sees.  I will praise HIM in all things and thank HIM that all is well with my soul and that is what brings me the most peace.


Saturday, January 31, 2015

Adrenal Fatigue and Why it Should Matter to You

Emotional and spiritual health are just as important as physical health.  Lately, I have seen the value of making sure to incorporate body, mind, and spirit work with all my clients.  The one is not separate from the other two no matter which way you look at it.  All must be addressed to find wholeness, vitality, and life.  Real liberation happens when we are willing to face the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Since this past October it appears that the Creator of the Universe has set a path before me that I can not avoid.  It is the path of emotional and spiritual healing.  Honestly, I have been avoiding it for some time.  For years I survived Lyme disease and its harsh realities by ignoring or making light of the agony inside and out.  Compartmentalizing my pain and emotional torment became a skill I acquired.  So, this past Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles, biblical holiday) as I was praying and asking God to show me His will for me this year, He began to reveal to me patterns.  In truth, I knew exactly what He meant by the pictures and dreams He gave me.  I felt passive, hesitant, and quite frankly, delusional.  The things impressed upon my spirit to obey were going to create great change in our lives.  All I sensed He asked of me was to just follow His lead, but pay attention to the patterns.  Once I figured that out everything became crystal clear.  Once I decided to put my hand to the plow and do the hard work required to achieve emotional and spiritual healing the pathway was cleared for me and His guidance and support has upheld me throughout this challenging process of growth and liberation.

I think of the Israelites as slaves in Egypt coming out of the bondage of oppression and how they would even complain during the process of liberation because it was so hard.  I think, what whiners.  I think, geez they saw all those miracles and turned on God and Moses so quickly?  What losers.  But, then I realize I am not that much different from them.  When God asks me to do the hard things, or to take a step in faith I do expect Him to just make everything easy.  The truth is that deliverance is never easy.  It require work, tenacity, and not looking back longing for what once was.  My eyes need to be fixed on what lay ahead.  The Author and the Finisher of my faith calls me forward.  Whom shall I fear, whom shall I follow?  It seems pretty straightforward that I can either choose to give up and die in the wilderness on my way to the Promise Land, or I can have faith, believe in what I can't see, touch, or grasp, and keep moving forward.

What does any of this have to do with adrenal fatigue and why it should matter to you?  After all you had to read a lot just to get to an intro. to the subject matter.  I haven't digressed, I am just trying to set up a pattern of human behavior that creates imbalances.  I see it all the time.  We all do it, but just to varying degrees.  These patterns create stress within our bodies and this stress creates disease.  How we handle our emotional, spiritual, and physical health have a direct correlation to what takes place within our mortal frames.

As a biofeedback technician my job is to help my clients to reduce stress in their own bodies so they can achieve optimal wellness.  There are a few things I do for every single client:  address hyper reactivity, support nutritional, hormonal, and parasympathetic systems.  My main goal is to give each client some specific tools in their tool belt in the area of stress reduction to assist themselves to learn to turn "off" and go from fight or flight response to a place where the body can begin to heal itself .  My goal is to educate each client how to liberate themselves from a stress holding pattern so they can live well.

Today I want to address a body system that is way over stimulated in our culture:  the adrenals.  If you don't know about your adrenal glands I would like to introduce you to them.  They are located here:
 Go to this site and read everything you can here.

Also check out this book: Reading it would be a better option.

Also, don't underestimate being empowered by knowledge and go to your doctor prepared to advocate for yourself.  Read this:  If you can't find a doctor who will allow you to advocate for yourself, fire them and find one who will.  This is your body, your mind, your soul, and your spirit.  Stand up and fight for your health.  Adrenal health is entwined with overall wellness.  As in everything, one system is impacted by another, nothing in the body works in isolation.

I was recently diagnosed with Phase 3 adrenal fatigue and that really didn't surprise me. The zeal of regaining my health and vitality and being on a mission to see others achieve their health as wellness put me in a place of imbalance.  I knew it intuitively, but I just kept going.  My focus has been on helping as many people as I can.  I tend to pour myself into each client because I do truly care.  Time management is not my strong point, and often I am donating more hours than I am getting paid for, which I hardly notice because my job feeds me, but it also reveals an imbalance.

Physically I am doing all the right things, but emotionally I have been holding things in for way too long, especially in the department of my relationships with others.  My tendency is to make people happy, although I do not always succeed, I do intend for that to be the outcome.  Accommodating, enabling, justifying, rationalizing, delusion, lack of awareness are all accurate descriptors that tend to keep me emotionally numb or ignoring what should be addressed to keep an appearance of harmony.

 Instead of dealing with issues I kept containing them in neat little compartments inside of my body thinking I was being so sly.  How would the body know that I had so much frustration, blocked desires, goals, and other stagnations?  Well, the body is brilliant.  It will adapt, but eventually it is done adapting and cries out is exhaustion, "Help me!"

I began reading, "Stop the Thyroid Madness" at the end of October (I had attempted months earlier when a friend had given me the book, but it just never resonated).  By November, I had made an appointment with a very respected ARNP who works specifically with hormones.  In December I had the appointment and got all the blood work in, the saliva samples done, and waited for the results in January. The pattern was made clear:  neglect, denial, and delusion are not effective healing strategies.  There it was as clear as day.  The emotional door again wide open to walk through.  Lessons conveyed during the appointment focused on:  boundaries, emotional health, victoriously living out being an empath, and how to nurture my body to the other side of adrenal fatigue.

I came home fired up to truly get to work emotionally.  The kindness of God is that He tests our faith. Right after my appointment I came home to discover that my software for biofeedback was gone. My ability to do my job thwarted due to a computer not functioning.   My computer had died-dead-all the way, no resurrection possible.  I had a choice:  freak out and dump more stress into my body, or trust that this dilemma would be rectified.  I called who I needed to call to get the ball rolling and watched as my husband came to my rescue and God gave him a great idea on the way home from an errand that saved my appointments for the rest of that week.  Another wonderful person who works with the IT side of biofeedback in our group stayed up late nights with my husband to get my software back on my new computer.  I felt like when Moses told the Israelites to stand still and look for deliverance that came with an outstretched arm.  Being still is powerful.  When I chose to trust, hope, have faith, and believe all the pieces came together perfectly. I pray blessings fill Dennis and Jeremy's lives to overflowing for being so amazing during a week that could have ended me in bed for months.

Having honest conversations with people in my life is a new standard for me.  I can't pretend or avoid, I must have honesty.  This has been amazing because I am finding there are others who want that exact same thing.  Like does attract like.  Interesting.  Selah (allow for deep thinking time and meditate on that concept)  Honesty is worth it.  It isn't easy, but it is so much more liberating to live in truth then to be oppressed by the lie just to maintain some false sense of peace and order.

Learning to set boundaries during my appointments is the next huge hurdle.  My clients are each so very important to me, but I must be a role model to them.  It shouldn't surprise me that I wold have to walk through this valley.  We can only give what we have.  After walking through to the other side, I will have so much more to offer my clients, since adrenal fatigue is a mammoth problem here in these states of America.  It is good to be humbled, learn the lessons, and get back up and keep moving forward.  One can not become an overcomer if there is nothing to overcome.

I want to leave you with some of the questions that I have been exploring:

1.  Are you deluding yourself in your relationships, health, finances, spirituality, emotions, or motivations?  What are you doing to create positive change in each area?

2.  Are you nurturing positive thoughts, ideas, behaviors, and attitudes on a regular basis?

3.  Do you say yes more than you say no?

4.  What are your boundaries?

5.  What was the last thing you did to support your emotional and spiritual health?

6.  What was the last thing you did to support your physical health?

7.  How often do you nurture yourself?

8.  Do you have one day set aside to rest, rejuvenate, refresh, and be restored?

9.  Do you know how to take inventory of what is yours and what belongs to someone else?  Are you a baggage collector?

One last resource that I am exploring has to do with having an empath bent.  Doing biofeedback has made me so much more self aware.  Learning how to not carry around stuff that doesn't belong to me is quite liberating as well. People who are characterized mostly by being empaths may benefit from this website and the book:.   Empaths are more likely to become very ill as they have a tendency to take on other people's stuff and not know how to let it go, so this energy can create great ruin in their lives if they don't learn how to manage it.

Things I am doing to nourish my adrenals:

1.  Sleep 7-9 hours a day.

2.  Transdermally apply magnesium oil over adrenals, feet, and armpits 3x daily.

3.  Buffered Vitamin C powder.  I put 1/4 of a tsp. every time I fill my water bottle.  I also add bioplasma cell salts, a pinch of Himalayan salt, and 8 drops of slim and sassy.

4.  Intermittent fasting.  I am using the as a guideline.  I don't always use coffee, sometimes I use matcha.  This is actually doing wonders for me.  I make sure that every food choice I make is heavy on the green and the best source of protein possible.  We use the Laird Hamilton recipe with the red palm oil, best source of beta carotene and vit. e there is.  This is a personal choice.  I am just sharing what I have found helpful.

5.  Juicing:  lemon, lime, half an apple, celery, parsley, cilantro

6. Supplement list:   Ashwaghanda and other Ayurvedic supplements, Thyroid Px, Lugol's iodine, Bone Nutrient (doTERRA), Lifelong Vitality Pack (doTERRA), Mito 2 Max (doTERRA), Thorne B complex, Thorne Vit. D 3 25,000 IU every other day, Thorne DHEA 5 mg, PB Assist (doTERRA), Enzymes (Silver Water or doTERRA), collagen, bee pollen, agar agar, wobenzym n, and tumeric,

7.  Kombucha 2-4 tbsp. daily

8.  Epsom Salt baths at least 1x a week.

9.  Rebounding and stretching at least 3x a week for 20 minutes-strenuous exercise is a big fat NO.

10.  Eating as many good fats as possible during my meals.  No rancid fats!!

11.  Essential oils:  clary calm as deodorant, immortelle over thyroid, Verage doTERRA skin care, zendocrine capsules and oils 2-3x daily, basil, rosemary, clary sage, and bergamot on feet with magnesium oil 2x daily, ylang ylang, whisper, elevation, and jasmine in the am, serenity, geranium, myrrh, and frankincesne rubbed over adrenals 2x daily.  Frankincense, 3 drops 2-3x daily, slim and sassy 8 drops in every refill in my water bottle, diffuse arborvitae and wild orange diffused all day, onguard and peppermint beadlets a couple of times a day, balance with each new client.  I find ways to use oils all day everyday.  They have been a lifeline and massive support to me.

12.  biofeedback sessions weekly

13.  Chiropractic, massage, and Acupuncture monthly

14.  Creating a new life script/self talk manuscript.  Positive and affirming words that create life and not death.

15.  Praying at least 10 minutes a day-I am fearfully and wonderfully made by the Master designer of the flawless Universe, I am in good hands, He who began the good work will be able to complete it.

16.  Believing the scriptures are real, alive, and active in and through me.   I can live in victory from victory because of what the Father was able to accomplish through His son Yeshua.

17.  Finding time to be present with each family member and working on the tough stuff at home first.

18.  Making time for my hobbies and leisure.

19.  Choosing healthy relationships.

20.  Not carrying projected guilt around.

21.  A thousand other things I am sure.  I am deeply immersed presently in getting out of adrenal fatigue 101.

Body, Mind, Spirit!!!  First the natural then the spiritual is a principle all throughout the scriptures.  There seems to always be another deeper layer to healing.  Here is to diving deep!!!!