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Friday, November 21, 2014

Updated: Nikkoly's doTERRA CPTG Lyme and Co-Infections Protocol

I am often asked to outline my protocol, which is dynamic as I learn and apply more understanding.  I truly have found that if I change things up or take a break a bit every 2 months I have the most success and don't tend to hyper react to the substances that are intended to create wellness.  I do NOT have herxheimer reactions any longer.  I do not believe they are beneficial and have proven that with myself and in my own family and with those I work with.  Causing more stress to the body to get better goes against everything that makes sense to me, especially when Lyme already stretches a body to the limits.

I did happen to activate my Lyme symptoms by being on the CGAM Body Charger for too long on the numbers for bacteria.  The good news is that it just took me a couple of weeks to beat those bacteria back and get on with restoration.

My mantra is that whatever oil I use in any fashion I must also deeply inhale from the bottle in each nostril 3x.  I am pretty oil saturated.  :)

Here is the "core" of my protocol:

3 drops 3 x a day in a capsule to be taken with food on your stomach:

oregano and melaleuca  (The melaleuca sloughs off the biofilm and the oregano kills the bacteria.
onGuard-a blend that boosts immune response)
Cassia/Cinnamon (alternate these every two weeks due to the varying chemical constituents)
thyme and clove  (to keep the bacteria from replicating)
Frankincense (to help with inflammation and to cross the blood brain barrier and help with neurological issues and degeneration)

Use Clary Calm as deodorant

Take 3 drops 3x a day in between meals:

zendocrine oil (I also take 2 capsules of Zendocrine Capsules at this time-I also rub the zendocrine oil over my liver, kidneys, and abdomen at least 1x a day)
cilantro oil
grapefruit oil

Keep Slim and Sassy (8 drops in 16 oz. of water) in my water throughout the day to keep metabolism and energy levels up.  This helps with sugar regulation and satiation as well as uptake of nutrients.  I will alternate this with lemon every two months to help reduce toxic load and prevent degeneration.

Keep oils diffusing throughout the day (do not underestimate the power of oils diffusing throughout the day-I have found this to be a real KEY):
Citrus Bliss (mood enhancer)
Purify (clean air)
Onguard (immune boosting)
Breathe (respiratory)
Balance (calms nervous system)
Serenity (insomnia/anxiety)

Lifelong Vitality Pack 2 capsules 2x a day
Mito 2 Max 2 capsules 2x a day
Bone Nutrient 2 capsules 2x a day

Immortelle on my face morning and night
doTERRA Skin care systems.  I love them ALL.

I take lemongrass or cedarwood with me to my massages and have my therapists use these oils on me for connective tissue repair and muscle relaxation.

I use the AromaTouch Technique on my family and myself.

For Hormones and Heart:

Each am diffuse Citrus Bliss
rub Elevation and Ylang Ylang over my heart (1-3 drops) and inhale deeply
diffuse Balance in the afternoon
Rub Serenity and Clary Sage on the bottom of my feet at night and either diffuse roman chamomile, Serenity, or Balance next to my bed at night.

Vanilla Trim Shake with ginger, wild orange, or lemon with fruit, nuts, and coconut oil are so tasty.

The more experiences I have with the oils the more I become aware of what my body needs throughout the day.  I have a chemical/energetic  reaction with these oils and have learned to pay attention to my responses and to stick with them long enough to produce the desired change/results.  Consistency is Paramount!!!!!  These oils prioritize and take care of first things first, so it takes some time to get in there and take care of business. 

I do maintain chiropractic care 2x a month, acupuncture 1x a month, massage 2x a month-often includes cranial sacral, SCIO  biofeedback 1x a week, CGAM Body Charger 1-2x a week, HALO photonics 1x a week.

On my two months off the oils I use other products. The oils are very powerful and you must be sure to take probiotics every night to keep bowel flora balanced.  PB Assist is a super probiotic.  I usually take 2 before bed.

I also use GUTS for 2 months on and then off  to keep that bowel moving strong.  I initially had to take several to get things cleaned up, but now I rarely have to take them.  It is essential that you drink about a gallon of water a day when you take these.

I eat as gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free as possible.  I avoid alcohol and am working on eliminating caffeine from my daily routine again.  This diet thing does have an ebb and flow and sometimes I am way better than at other times.  I feel best drinking vegetable and fruit juices, raw foods, and staying away from animal protein.  My body LOVES FAT!  Coconut oil, avocado, UDO's 3-6-9, and butter.  I realize I digest better if most of my foods are liquid:  green drinks, smoothies, and bone broths and soups.  I eat fermented foods like sauerkraut, kombucha, and pickles.  All grains, regardless, are REALLY hard on me, so I try to avoid them as much as possible. Treating Lyme and company takes a lot of hard work, but it is SOOOOO worth it to really live again!!!

I am working on a website that will soon have video tutorials of the different things I have done or presently do that have helped me regain my life and vitality.  Keep checking in:

Please check out my website:

If you have any questions about ordering, or the oils specifically, give me a call:  509-881-4152

Thursday, August 21, 2014

2 Years Symptom Free

This truly is a milestone worthy of noting.  Two years of freedom from symptoms of Lyme disease since this past July. Life is such a precious gift and I am very grateful to still be alive and really living.  I hope for every single precious person reading these entries that you too discover your hope and light at the end of the tunnel.  It can be so isolating to have this disease, so tormenting, so awful in every single way.  I salute you for not giving up and fighting the good fight.  You can do it.  Keep on keeping on.

I went running for the first time in years the other day and boy there were muscles I forgot existed and they each had something to say to me, but here it is two days and a massage later and I have rebounded.  The old lyme me would still be suffering untold agonies.  For me, this is HUGE.  Not only could I run, but I can recover and have a normal inflammation cycle!  Victory!  I used to LOVE to run.  It was great to have something so simple restored back to me.

I am often asked to simplify what I did or do and truly the truth of this whole thing is that there isn't anything simple about it.  It is a lot of work, a lot of effort, a lot of money, a lot of time, a lot of trial and error, a lot of giving up, a lot of gains, a lot of loses, and  just simply put...a lot, a lot.  I can now look back at the last two years and say, "It is all worth it." 

There is a device called SCIO biofeedback that I am now using and it is a fantastic piece of technology used for stress reduction.  It is fun to use on me and others and see the body respond so quickly.  I am in training and working on getting my biofeedback technician certification.  I just love learning and the fact that I can retain the information without short term memory loss is unbelievably glorious.  Sometimes my head feels like it is going to just burst, but I get so excited and before I know it the information has assimilated and I am ready to go for what is next.  The human body and mind is undeniably more fantastic than we truly can comprehend.  WE limit ourselves by our mindset each and every day and we DON'T have to do that!!!!  Agreeing with life, speaking life into what is not, believing, hoping, and trusting are HUGE in this healing journey.  Of course, I can't have an entry without mentioning the act of forgiveness.  Most of us are sick because we have stored stress in our vital organs and tissues for way too many years.  Who do we need to forgive:  God, ourselves, and others.  We often fool ourselves into believing we have done that, but the body knows the truth and holds it.  Forgiveness is so releasing...a true letting go and trusting that it is taken care of with a divine understanding beyond our ability to fathom.  The freedom and hope that replaces what unforgiveness tore asunder is outrageously beneficial in every imaginable way.

Sure, eating fermented foods, easily digestible foods packed full of nutrients, proper rest, hydration, oxygenation, clinical modalities such as massage, chiropractic, and acupuncture, and movement are all still very much a must for maintaining vitality.  Each day still presents challenges and I still am in recovery from the years of damage done to my body, but it doesn't hold me back and keep me from living.  I dare to live, to dream, and to help others.  It is phenomenal to have that sense of purpose again.  I had forgotten what it was like to be able to think beyond the pain. 

My mental gymnastics are less difficult now that I am thinking more clearly.  It is so freeing to not have so much guilt, panic, and social inadequacies swarming around in my head.  Sometimes I just want to go outside and shout, "I AM ALIVE!!!"  Okay, I do that sometimes.  :)

The hardest part for me at this juncture is that I have developed some unhealthy relational practices over the years of tremendous illness and now that I am of sounder mind the perspective has cleared and I am seeing things in a light that I hadn't noticed before.  Unhealthy relationships are severely damaging to the mind, body, soul, and spirit.  It seems when we are the most unhealthy is when we seem (generally speaking) to be the most surrounded by these.  After some time of not living through the lenses of pain and suffering and insomnia it is almost horrific how I was allowing such damaging relationships into my life.  Choice is powerful and I have been exercising it with care, but with intention.  I choose life!!!!  Join me.

 I am getting better by cleaning up from the inside out.  This Lyme disease thing is a WHOLE body and OUT of body experience.  It is definitely not for the light of heart.


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Would You Like to Try Zyto Scan?

My passion is to help people now that I am in a position to give back.  More specifically I want to help the chronically ill.  People who have done everything and tried everything and seen everyone and just can't seem to find hope-those are the people I understand best.  I am not a doctor or a healthcare practitioner.  I can not diagnose, treat, or cure.  I am a Wellness Consultant and what I do is share with others and make suggestions after using zyto scan, a wellness decision making technology.  I have done a lot of experimentation on myself over the years and have followed the suggestions from my zyto scans and found a path to wellness.  I feel like I am a tour guide more than anything.  Guiding others over hurdles, helping them see the light at the end of tunnels, cheerleading, and offering the wisdom I have gleaned from my school of suffering and recovery is what I do.  I teach others how to make agreements with life and not death, educate them how to use essential oils as a natural, safe, and effective alternative to synthetic and toxic medicines that cause more harm than do good.  I am a referral resource and have done my due diligence in finding others who are gifted and talented in many healing modalities. I understand how to identify patterns on the zyto scan and explain a course of possible action should the client choose the suggested route.

 I have learned a lot over these many years and have found the zyto, though not diagnostic, is quite helpful in streamlining the needs of the body.  I am a part of a dynamic and wonderful team of people.  WE all want to see others achieve optimal health.  I work with a zyto technician, a MD, a nutritionist, chiropractor, and massage therapist.  I have found some amazing products which include, but are not limited to:  doTERRA certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils, Results RNA, Manna from Heaven Herbal Products, and Doc Flowers Herbal Remedies. 

The hand cradle for the scan is $300.  You purchase it through the technician I work with.  It would be yours to use whenever you want.  You can use it for your family and friends as well, as long as you like.  It is a great way to find out what the body is dealing with at any given time.  When you are ready to scan you call the technician and he sends you an invite to a virtual clinic via email.  You plug your hand cradle into the computer and accept the invite and connect with the virtual clinic, place your hand on the cradle for 18-20 minutes and within minutes after that you will receive a 3-6 page list of the stressors within your body during the scan and the things you could do to bring those stressors back into balance.  I then receive a copy of your scan and go over the interpretation with you. the cost of the scan is $100.   If you choose to have a consult with the MD I work with, you call him and schedule an appointment and pay him directly. He charges $45 for a consult.

 Your copy of the scan is helpful for you to identify what minerals, vitamins, and diet recommendations would best help your body deal with the stressors it is experiencing.  It will show parasite, viral, bacterial, molds, and fungus activity.  It will also indicate what heavy metals, chemicals, and pesticides your body is dealing with.  Additionally, it will show what enzymes you need, what hormones and neurotransmitters are not performing optimally.  Again, it is not diagnostic.  It just gives you a snapshot into what is going on within your body at the time of the scan.  It will also indicate stress in the organs and systems of the body.  We use a full biosurvey with its emphasis on environmental toxicity.  We believe this is one of the most underlying cause for poor health today.

What we like about the scan is that it has helped our family save so much money because we no longer go to the health food stores purchasing all the things we have read are good for the body.  We buy only what our bodies need at the time.  We no longer go from one doctor appointment to the next.  We only go to the doctor for a very specific purpose that we have been able to streamline due to the zyto scan results.  We tend to focus on healing modalities such as acupuncture, massage, chiropractic care, deep breathing, lymphatic drainage, etc.  Zyto scanning has changed how we deal with our health issues.  Personally, zyto is an answer to many of my prayers.  I was so exhausted of the "process of elimination" or taking oodles of nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, etc. just to find some relief.  Once we started giving our bodies what the body individually needed we found that healing happens faster.  Zyto scanning truly empowers each person to make the best possible wellness decisions.  Zyto scanning also helped me to realize how much of our ability to heal is in our minds.  Once we can allow our minds to accept the possibility of hope and healing it is quite amazing what the human body can do.

If this interests you, please give me a call:  509-881-4152, or email me:, or check out my website:
facebook page:

Some of my other links:
doTERRA essential oils:

Take charge of your health today!!!

Nikkoly Stanley
~Empowering others to hope.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Land of the Living

Today is Thanksgiving and I am filled to overflowing with gratefulness for the wonderful health I have been blessed with experiencing since July of 2012.  I am happy that I can eat whatever I want and not have a bad week as a result.  I won't eat like this daily, but it is sure fun to be able to do it and know that I will survive it!  I am blessed with a man who is a phenomenal cook and I just love that I can enjoy every single thing he makes today.

I am thankful for the people God has brought into my life that want help and I just pray He continually gives me wisdom so that I can help each of them find their way back into the land of the living as well.  It is fabulous to truly live and not just drift through life in a perpetual fog of despair.  Clarity of thinking and energy to maintain tasks is something I am monumentally appreciative to now experience on a daily basis.  There is nothing more I want than to see others who suffer from this horrid disease to find wholeness again.

Finding my way back to the land of the living required a few things of me.  Truly, I do not know if it is the same, or perhaps similar for others, but I do know that there are some generalizations that can be made.  Firstly,  I had to stop agreeing with death and hopelessness.  If there is one thing I can say it is how very difficult this was.  I had developed a pattern of self talk that did not actually lead to life, but to an agreement with death.  When your neurotransmitters and hormones are not working right it really is extremely difficult to stop this pattern of behavior.  Now that my hormones and neurotransmitters are healing I can see things from a different viewpoint.  This viewpoint is calmer, more optimistic, and more willing to receive hope.  Most people suffering with Lyme and company can not make themselves stop agreeing with despair.   Sometimes I don't know how I got out of this awful cycle of despair, but bottom line I think it came down to a decision I made to stick with the doTERRA essential oil protocol even though it didn't appear to work for months.  For me, putting 2 drops of Elevation doTERRA essential oil over my heart each morning and deeply inhaling from the bottle several times, diffusing Citrus Bliss doTERRA essential oil throughout the day, and rubbing 2 drops of Clary Sage and Serenity doTERRA essential oil on the bottom of my feet and across my jaw and deeply inhaling from the bottle each night before I went to bed made life "work" in my head again.

 Secondly,  I just made myself keep doing the protocol.  This is so hard when you have Lyme because you become kind of ADD about protocols and if you don't notice some quick fix improvement you pull out and try something new.  It wasn't until after 4 months that I noticed I could stop agreeing with death and embrace life.  I think that is when the light came on at the end of the tunnel.  Finally, I could see hope just ahead and then everything seemed to get better daily.  Today I am grateful that I stayed the course and didn't give up or run out of oils so that I could stay true to the protocol.  I think, if I would have given up, where would I be today?

 Thirdly, I had to stop acting like a sick person.  This was harder than it sounds.  There were also patterns of behavior developed here too.  I would notice that even though I felt great I would still act like I couldn't do anything or I'd pay for it.  It took me awhile to stop being scared of living.  That sounds a bit crazy, but it is true.  In the sick days if I did have a good day or week there would also be a debt collected and it would end up with me on a couch for God knows how long.  When I no longer felt drug through wet cement I would have to remind myself that Lyme wasn't coming to collect anymore.

 Lastly, I had to continue to take care of myself.  There was awhile there that I just truly enjoyed not having to do self-care all day long, but I soon learned that just because I felt great, I was still damaged and the only way to repair was to actually continue self care.  This included taking my greens, guts, Results RNA, grapefruit oil, zendocrine, enzymes, and other essential oils every single day.  Furthermore, I had to keep moving, stretching, deep breathing, and skin brushing.  It is still work to be in the land of the living, but now that I am here it doesn't make much sense to give it up by not continuing to keep my body whole.

The land of the living is worth the fight.  For me, once my cells were nourished, and I had an effective way to detox from waste, die off, heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, and a way to kill bacteria, mold, fungus, parasites, and virus, and most importantly a working thyroid-the light came on. 

Tonight is the second night of Chanukah.  I have been thinking about the hope represented in lighting these little wax candles.  When I light them tonight I will pray specifically for all those who suffer because they can't see the light (hope) in the darkness they are currently immersed in by disease.  I pray that God will give each person wisdom and ability to make new tapes to listen to in their heads and make agreements with life.  I pray that a course of treatment can be found that will be effective and cause no harm. 

May God's light pour into and out of us every single day as we choose the land of the living.

Nikkoly Stanley
Wellness Consultant
Really Live!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Really Live

I have been absent from my blog due to the fact that I am alive and well and really living!  I have been super busy implementing my new business into our lives.  My business seems to change and grow on a daily basis which is exciting, yet a bit challenging to keep up with.  I feel like God opened a door for me and booted me out of it.  :)  It all seems so sudden, but in reality, it took me 42 years to get to where I am today.

For most of my life I have struggled with agonizing pain:  mental, emotional, and physical.  Most of my life I had no idea it was as bad as it all was until it was no longer there.  Now that I am at the light end of the tunnel, I look back and reach my hand out towards those still trying to see the light.  I have gone back into the tunnel with a headlamp and am searching in the corridors for the lost who grope around and feel like there is no hope at ever finding the light.  There is no way I could just come out of the tunnel and not go back in to help those still trying to find their way back out. 

I am now a Wellness Consultant with "Really Live!".  I named my business "Really Live!" because I want to really live and now that I can do that without all these health hindrances I have lost time to catch up with. 

I use zyto scan wellness decision making technology to help people discover what stressors are hindering their immune function and keeping them feeling unwell. and work on formulating a baseline of recovery for them.  I am on a team with a doctor, a nutritionist, and a technician and we have all discovered many helpful things that truly do help other realize wholeness for themselves.

Our motto is:  less is more

We have a basic foundation we work from.

Here is that foundation:

1.  Diet- this is the MOST important factor in achieving wellness.  You need to eat good fats, proteins, loads and loads of fiber, and very little foods with natural sweetness.  We encourage people to eat some grains, but mostly vegetables and good sources of organic proteins.  A raw food and vegetable diet is the ideal diet for those who are chronically ill.  Juicing at least once a day will enable nutrients to assimilate into the bloodstream quickly and help get the body the fuel it needs to recover.  Most people we see are actually starving.  Their cells receive little to no nutrition.

Alongside diet we believe these are key components to this foundation stone:

Manna from Heaven "The One"

 I suggest that chronically ill people take 2 scoops of the powder first thing in the morning with 6-8oz. of 100% juice.  Do not eat or drink anything for an hour afterwards.  This herbal formulation will totally feed your cells and oftentimes you won't even feel like you need to eat for hours.  This is because your cells are receiving superior nutrition and can now begin the healing process.

Manna from Heaven "Guts"

I suggest you start with 2 capsules right before your head hits the pillow.  If you produce 3 loamy bowel movements the next day that is the correct amount for you.  If not, you increase by one capsule until you do produce the 3 loamy BM's a day.  One you get to that point, you can slowly back down until you get to the number of capsules that keeps you have 3 BM's daily.

Death is in the colon.  We must keep it clean so nutrients can be absorbed and toxins can be released.


These are other products that can be added as needed:


Manna from Heaven A and D:  take for up to 90 days and then as needed to encourage your body to produce the correct amounts of serotonin-your feel good neurotransmitter.  This is our whole food anti-depressant formula.  You may have to do muscle testing to see how many capsules you specifically need.  Take this about an hour before you go to bed, then take your Guts formula right as you go to bed.  I use a variety of muscle testing techniques to find out how many capsules I need.  This is one way to do muscle testing:


Manna from Heaven Slumber:  take up to 90 days and then only as needed to encourage your body to produce the correct amount of melatonin-your let me get some proper sleep hormone.  This is very informative in understanding the link between serotonin and melatonin :  Take this an hour before you go to bed, unless you are taking A and D, then take the A and D two hours before you go to bed, then the Slumber an hour before bed, then the Guts right as you go to bed.  These are complete whole foods, no synthetics, fillers, or badness, so they need to be taken on a stomach that hasn't been filled with liquid or food for an hour, so it can have optimal deliverance to the cells.


Manna from Heaven Fuel:  a perfect herbal formula that does not use caffeine, but gives you the energy you need during the day and helps you relax and be ready for bed at night.


More about digestive needs: 

Enzymes.  We all need them.  Our pancreas needs support.  By taking enzymes before every meal we enable our digestive system to break down foods for better nutrient assimilation.  I have tried MANY enzymes and my favorite is Terrazyme by doTERRA essential oil  I also like Digest Gold and Digest More Ultra.  I have also found taking bitters before eating is helpful in getting my body to prepare for digestion. citrus bitters.

As a rule of thumb, I take one enzyme before a meal and then if I do not feel energized by eating I take another one after the meal.  If after 20 minutes I still feel sluggish, I will take another one, and so on.  Food should energize us.  It should not make us feel sluggish.  It is either you can't digest the healthy food you are eating, or you aren't eating the right foods and your body is trying to tell you that.  I hope you are listening.

Digestion and elimination are the most important aspects of wellness.  We need to put about 90% of our focus here first and get this foundation perfectly laid in order to add to it and have our health recover.

2.  Results RNA ACS Silver, ACG Glutathione, and ACZ Zeolite are a power house of detox products.  The silver will kill parasites (including lyme-within 8 minutes), bacteria, virus, mold, and fungus.  The Glutathione, being the master anti-oxidant, will help your liver to deal with the toxic load and get rid of stuff that shouldn't be there and to assimilate other anti-oxidants you might be eating or drinking.  The Zeolite will bind with heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, die off and waste of critters and carry it out through your urine.  Within as little as two weeks you may discover a massive turn around in your health if you have already established Step 1 in your foundation to wellness.  I suggest taking this therapeutically for at least 6 months, getting the zyto scan done again to see your progress and re-evaluate at that point on how much of these products you need to continue using.


You can order my messaging me at, or at or call me at 509-881-4152


3.  doTERRA essential oils.  The basic Lyme protocol is:  3 drops of each in a capsule:  oregano, onGuard, cassia/cinnamon (change up every two weeks on cinn./cass.) 3 times a day until symptoms subside, then down to 2 drops 2 times a day until symptoms disappear, then 1 drop 1x a day for several weeks.  I also added to this mix:  thyme and clove to keep the bacteria from communicating.  Communication = replication.  I also took 1-3 drops of Frankincense under my tongue as I could handle it.  I started with 1 drop 1x a day and then added on.  This eliminated brain fog and healed my brain in so many ways.  I added Melaleuca to this mix to deal with candida from too much anti-biotic usage.  I also put Slim and Sassy in my water bottle every time I filled it up (still do actually) to help my metabolism to regulate and to carry out toxins and give my cells energy.  I often will take 10-20 drops of grapefruit oil in a capsule 3-5x a week to bind with toxins as well.  I eat a Trim Shake once a day with added cashews and fruit and coconut milk.  This keeps cortisol blood serum levels down and helps with a healthy inflammation cycle and provides enough calories to keep me satisfied until dinner.  I get an AromaTouch Technique done at least 1x week to alleviate stress to my adrenals, reduce inflammation, increase immune response, and provide homeostasis.  It has been very effective in ridding my body of cysts from Lyme.  After they rupture, I use Results RNA and within 20 minutes all symptoms of the bacteria are gone. ,



Zyto scan will pinpoint what oils each individual needs to use to help their own body to balance so it can heal.  I found it quite interesting that my body assessed as needing the entire lyme protocol plus Serenity-for sleep. 


4.  Doc Flowers Old Thyme Remedies:


We use these products for specific ailments once the baseline of nutrition/diet, and detox has happened thoroughly.  It makes these products up to 500% more effective than using these products before the baseline has been established.


Blessed Relief:  allergies

Second Act:  PMS/Menopause

The Dude's Elixir:  prostate health

Right as Rain:  pain relief

Noggin' Health:  improves brain function

and so much more...check out product line:


You can order from this site.  There is no connection to me unless you come to my office where I have products in stock.


These formulas are very effective when used for acute symptoms.


None of the above is intended to treat, cure, or diagnose any medical condition.  Please contact a medical doctor.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

An Oily Day-Using doTERRA Essential Oils for Everything!

I can not express how thankful I am for doTERRA essential oils.  I truly believe they are a gift from God.  I use many of these precious oils every single day for a myriad of purposes.  I thought I would share about a day in my life using these oils.  This does not include how much I use these oils with my family, but just an average day for me.

In the morning:

1.  2 to 3 drops of Frankincense under my tongue and over thyroid-anti-cancer, thyroid support, overall health.  1-3 drops of peppermint, clove, lemongrass, and myrrh over thyroid and on bottom of feet for thyroid stimulation and support.
2.  Lemon or Slim and Sassy in my water (4-8 drops for 33 oz. of water)
3.  Lavendar, Peppermint, Melaleuca, and Rosemary in my shampoo and conditioner and body wash-all natural.  I make great efforts to keep toxic ingredients off of my skin.
4.  Homemade deodorant, skin toner, body, and face lotion on after the shower.  Each made with essential oils.
5.  1-3 drops Geranium over adrenals, kidneys, and liver for support and stimulation.
6.  1-3 drops Zendocrine over adrenals, kidney, pancreas, uterine area, and liver area for endocrine support.
7.  1-3 drops of Whisper and ylang ylang on wrists, uterine area, temples, and bottom of feet for hormonal balance and perfume.
8.  20 drops of Grapefruit oil in a capsule to move lymphatic system and to keep citrus oil flowing in my blood to help with hormonal support, anti-cancer, and mood regulation.
9.  Diffuse blood-brain barrier oils:  Frankincense and peppermint,  or rosemary and peppermint, clove and patchouli and sandalwood.  OR mood enhancing oils:  wild orange and peppermint, citrus bliss, elevation.  15 minutes  OnGuard during cold and flu season.  Purify if the dog smell is too much.
10.  OnGuard toothpaste-haven't had dental issues since consistently using this.

In the afternoon:
1.  Trim shake-incredibly great tasting shake.  You can add essential oils for increased great flavor.
2.  Frankincense and lavender mister as a refreshing pick me up.
3.  Diffuse oil of choice.  I often use Purify because I love how it makes me feel.  15 minutes.
4.  Use InTune if my focus is "off".  Roll on temples, behind ears, on thumbs and big toes.
5.  More lemon or slim and sassy in water.  Slim and Sassy breaks food cravings.
6.  Use lavender after sun spray I made, or peppermint spray I made to keep cool during  the summer.  Use sunscreen I made with oils and natural products.  Use melaleuca for any cuts or scrapes I might get or the kids might get.
7.  Apply hand salve and lip balm I made using all natural products and essential oils.
8.  Bug spray I made if I am outdoors with the garden, on a hike...they stay away. Terrashield is outstanding!
9.  Use cleaning products made from natural products and essential oils.  I try very hard not to use any cleaning agents that are toxic to my organs.

In the evening:
1.  Diffuse oil of choice for 15 minutes.  I like Serenity close to bedtime.
2.  1-3 drops of Frankincense under tongue.  Clove, peppermint, lemongrass, and myrrh over thyroid area and bottom of feet.
3.  OnGuard toothpaste.
4. Face wash,  Skin toner and lotion homemade with essential oils.
5.  Clary Sage on bottom of feet for hormonal balance and it also helps me relax and sleep.
5.  Serenity on my jaw bone, behind my ears, and over my heart.  Helps me relax and keep TMJ from ruining my night.
6.  Lemon or Slim and Sassy in my water.  My drinking water ALWAYS has an oil in it.
7.  Deep Blue, Wintergreen, Peppermint, and Fractionated Coconut Oil in areas of inflammation.

I have many oils and I use them for a plethora of purposes depending on what me and my family require on a given day, but the above list is an average day of oil usage for me.  I probably forgot some because using them for just about everything is so second nature to me anymore.

Essential oils aren't "magic", but they certainly do work fast.  A common cold or flu treated with essential oils doesn't have much chance to old on when you use the oils the moment you feel unwell.  The days of antibiotic and prescription drug use can come to an end and you can feel relieved to know that what you are doing for your body is promoting health, not deteriorating it.

"Get oily" because it will rapidly improve your health!

Contact me if you are interested in how essential oils can transform your health and bring vitality back into it.  Essential oils are a natural, safe, affordable, and effective alternative to a chemically laden-symptom based paradigm of healthcare.  Lyme disease and many other medical ailments can be alleviated by the use of these oils.  I have extensive experiential knowledge at this point.  Join our team "Get Oily" and be educated daily on how you can use these oils to empower you and your family to get your life back!  It takes some hard work, but it works if you work it.  It only takes 21 days to develop a habit.  An oily habit is a good habit to establish.

I am not a medical professional, just a woman who got sick and tired of being sick and tired and took a road less traveled and discovered there were answers along that road, so I came back to share them with you.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

How Is My Family Getting Better?

This is a loaded question which is not simple to answer.  However I think I could make a rough outline.  I am not a medical professional, so this is just a woman who has discarded almost all medical advice and made God my Master Physician and He has led me down a very stable road, one of healing.  This is what we have chosen to do.  It might help someone, so here it is.

1.  Believe that you can recover, stop believing the lie that Lyme Disease and the minion diseases can't be cured.  If you believe this mumbo are will not recover.  The mind is a powerful thing.  In many create your reality.  Ultimately, if we draw near to God, He draws near to us, convicts us, reveals truth to us, and then we choose to submit to HIS ways, or continue going down our own road where everything seems right in our own eyes.  He doesn't will that anyone is sick.  If we are HIS child the diseases of the Egyptians (the world-not believers in God) will not cling to us.  If we obey HIM we love HIM and we then  have life, life abundantly.  I will expound more upon this later because in truth, as believers, we have been given/taught a lot of misinformation which keeps us quite ill-as the bible makes clear...we perish for lack of understanding about HIS instructions.

2.  Get a zyto scan done.  Don't waste time and money on a bunch of blood work and therapies.  A zyto scan will pin point excactly what you personally need to do to get well again.  Focus on what you do need, not on what you don't need.  This will save your family a bunch of money and not put such a devestating financial burden upon you.  You will also stop looking to insurance companies and medical professionals to be your savior.

3.  Use Results RNA Silver, Glutithione, and Zeolite (15-8-15 sprays under tongue 2x/day) and be amazed at what the consistent use of these three products alone will do for your quality of life and how quickly they will kill the bugs.  My daughter was cured of Lyme in four months using these products alone without changing her diet as much as I wanted her to.  She has organ damage from the long term use of antibiotics and that is what the zyto scan revealed, so that is specifically what we are treating, mostly, her pancreas.  I want to note that the long term use of the antibiotics had NOT rid her of Lyme or other minion parasites.

4.  Use doTERRA essential oils Lyme Protocol until your symptoms disappear and then cut back the use to once a day for several more months.  Protocol:  3 drops/3x day of Oregano, OnGuard, Cassia/Cinnamon (alternate every two weeks), thyme, and clove.  I added frankincense to the mix which eliminated Brain Fog and sludge.  I now just take this protocol a few times a week.  I do use many essential oils throughout the day:  lemon in my water all day every day, lavendar and balance in my bathwater with the epsom salts, aloe vera, baking soda, and peroxide, whisper as my perfume, peppermint for my breath and I do treat acute symptoms until they are gone which means...sickness does NOT cling to me.  I use vetiver, sandlewood, myrh, and frankincense for pineal cyst as well...each day.  I use the oils in all my own homemade toothpastes, body lotions, deoderant, cleaners, etc.

5.  Eat well.  Whole foods.  Loads of veggies and fruits and good protein.  If you have Lyme you have a deficiency in potassium, B's, D's, and Magnesium...make broths to supplement and don't be afraid of bananas...just balance with fiber, fat, and protein and it won't spike your sugars.  There are a lot of food myths out there.  For example, "stevia is good for you", well, not if you are allergic to it.  Get an allergy test done to see what foods you should avoid until your immune system can kick it up a few notches and then re-introduce the foods and pay attention to your body's response.  Eating grains or even a bunch of GF foods is not such a marvelous idea either...just give your immune system a chance to recover.

6.  Enzymes and probiotics.  We take 1-4 enzymes with each meal and about 50 billion probiotics a day.  They truly do help your body recover as they aid in digesting and absorbtion of nutrients.

7.  You must see the forest, not the trees.  This is a wholistic issue.  If all one does is kill bugs and suffer with herxheimer reactions there will be nothing but increased misery and take years to recover from.  Less is more.  For example, if your thyroid isn't functioning, take care of that.  Get the correct tests and a doc. who can actually evaluate results.  You need Free T3, Free T 4, DHEA SO4, Estradiol, testosterone, progesterone tests.  If you can get your thyroid working again it helps other aspects of your body recover...there is not such a demand on  your immune response.  Another example would be to chelate so you can rid your body of heavy metal toxicity which is also keeping your body from healing.  Zeolite, chlorella, spirilina, cilantro, parsley, and a balance of Omegas 3-6-9 at a 2-1-1 ratio are great example of chelators.  Don't take 500 pills, your body is too broken for this.  It can't handle that kind of load.  The more allopathics one is taking the more difficult it is to recover, but this goes for the natural route as well...there is such a thing as "too much". 

8.  We must "take charge" for our wholeness:  spritual, physical, emotional, mental, relationships (body, soul, spirit).   If we take an honest look at our lives we may discover that there are spiritual roots to our diseases:  trauma, fear (stress, anxiety), occult, bitterness, striving, unforgiveness, self-hatred, unloving spirits, disobedience to the Word of God, etc.  Our diseases usually separate us from God and others.  More and more medical science is coming into agreement with the Word of God...what is going on at the soul and spirit level is affecting our health.  For me, once I realized that fear of abandonment, fear of man, and trauma had opened doors for my health to erode I then repented and have begun to find healing at the soul and spirit level which I believe has freed up my immune system to heal damaged physical areas of my is all connected.

9.  Metabolic Function:  cell cofactors, fatty acids, vitamins/minerals, probiotics, enzymes...all part of the nutrition cycle.  If one thing is missing it creates a deficiency, a problem.  This is key to healing...keep balance and keep things moving in the right direction.  It is work.

10.  Don't focus on your symptoms.  Look up.  Psalm 121.  As a man thinks in his heart, so he is.  We become what we think.  I am not dismissing the reality of the pain and terrorizing of the symptoms, but to break the hold they have on us takes weapons that are not carnal, but spiritual for the tearing down of strongholds. Prayer and obedience.

11.  Keep living.  Keep moving.  Your symptoms will tell you you can't, but you must choose life.  This is another spiritual aspect to this disease. The more we give in to the spirit of death the more we will erode.

12. Embrace a community.  This will conquer fear...fear of environmental illness, anxiety( which is a manifestation of fear), make yourself volunteer , be a blessing, focus on others even when you feel like you are dying.  This also conquers the spirit of death.  This is war.  Fight.  Do not embrace a sick community who only wants to talk about how sick they are.  You will not get better, but sink into the whirlpool of hopelessness.

13.  Do something you love, even if you can't do it like you used to, do it, make yourself.  This also will conquer fear and the spirit of death.  This is faith...the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things unseen.  Doubt is the opposite of faith and if one doubts there is no hope.  For example, gardening crippled me, but I refused to give up, I kept at it.  It made me feel alive, even on my worst days when all I could do was sit out there in a fog and pull a couple of weeds, I was still living, hoping, believing that one day I would be a gardening machine and today I am!!!